Paroles des album

De l'album "Principle Of Evil Made Flesh"  
From the primeval masslet precious chaos vent 
Sacred flesh drenched in fornicationbeloved of Set 
May the winds gather her togetherfrom the Secrets of men 
After thousands of years of terrifying Silenceshe comes again 
(All Destroyer) 
The abolition of the yeshua begins... 
Shattered are the icons of the worthless 
The Goddess scorned is a Valkyrie borns 
Cattered are the wings of the virulent holy 
Leave their husks to be the prey of vultures and Dogs 
World without endcherish the lissome wants of Pernicious evil 
Dusk in her eyestorn bloody weeping skies 
Darkness will hasten to devourand the weak will Flee or die 
Sie sind es die sich 
Anderlieb festhalten 
Für immer betend auf knien 
Vor der (finisteren) gotten 
I slay the lamb in the fervour of thine 
Abandonment unto Our Lady 
With a quenchless thirst for the infinite 
For Her that exists beyond all knowledge 
Storming from tired centuries 
Under the glare of a waxing death-moon 
Terrible beauty of love severed 
Rip the baby from the virginal womb 
The blood of JesusIs the wine of the dead 
And the drunken angels 
Bleed with incest 
The Liliot suckle on Her fruitful breasts 
And yield the swords that sever and stain 
There will be no act or passion wrought 
That shall not be attributed to Her names 
To the name of Baphomet:Artemis, Bastet, Astarte 
I yearn to thee who art darkness in thy rising 
Black candles dance to an overture 
but I am drawn past their flickering lure 
to the breathing forest that surrounds the room 
where the vigilant trees push out of the womb 
I sip the blood-red winemy thoughts weigh heavy with the burden of time 
from knowledge drunk from the fountain of life 
from Chaos born out of love and the scythe 
the forest beckons with her nocturnal call 
to pull me close amid the baying of wolves 
where the bindings of christ are down-trodden with scorn 
in the dank, odiferous earthWe embrace like two lovers at death 
a monument to the trapping of breath 
as restriction is bled from the veins in my neck 
to drop roses on my marbled breast 
I lust for the wind and the flurry of leaves 
and the perfume of flesh on the murderous breeze 
to learn from the dark and the voices between 
This is my will... 
The forest whispers my name...  
again and again 
I walk the pathto the land of the Dark Immortals 
Where the hungry ones will carry my soul 
as the wild hunt careers through the boughs 
Come to me, my Pale EnchantressIn the moon of the woods we kiss 
Artemis be near mein the arms of the ancient oak 
where daylight hangs by a lunar noose 
and the horned, hidden one is re-invoked 
The principle of Evil 
evolution has been recalled 
Beneath the spread of Magickal Aeon 
I stand enthralled...  
In the whispering forest 
Thee I invoke, bornless one 
all woman, pure predator 
wherein conspiracy and impulse dwell 
like a seething fall from grace 
Thee I worship... 
Thou art darkest Gabrielle 
Lilith who rode the steed 
thou art pale Hecaterising from Thessaly 
Crush their unworthy idols 
no church shall bar our paths 
eductive Evil drink your fill 
of the bleeding christ in your arms 
You are in my dreams 
the darkness in my eyes 
the rapture in my screams 
Black Goddess arise 
Nothing will keep us apart 
we could kill them all 
if our desire tore free 
Our union is one, sweet, sinful Eve 
And the night draws in beside her 
as we embrace the dark side by side 
I pour my soul to those eyes full of fire 
to harvest the seed ploughed inside her 
Archangel, snare the flesh 
suck dry the ebbing wound 
leave them lifeless and broken 
my beloved... 
Oh, how I craved for you 
You so pure and other-worldly with your scent of Winter 
am I to bleed myself dry to see your delight? 
And the fear retreats forever 
(come to me...Black Goddess arise) 
when my secrets are buried in thine 
(come to me...Black Goddess arise) 
under seven stars we came together 
(come to me...Black Goddess arise) 
to plot the new age's decline 
(come to me...ARISE!) 
Ishtar my Queencome forth to meand help me seize 
my future from the House of Death 
That in the release of immortality 
I should slay their fucking nazarene 
Ah...the lies...the jew...I kill for you 
Hidden lusts will break the gates and swarm 
as love secretes the thrill for war 
the virgin raped shall seek to whore 
She-wolf bare your snarling jaw 
Spells lay daggers before me 
passion speaks in grue vehement stabs 
Trance my eyes, fix my focus to pain 
the tumour grows until the enemy is slain 
(Gut The Church) 
Slightless stormknee-deep in hate I seeth 
my purpose here has woken to breath 
Total war on the brethren of Man 
millions regardless 
dying by my hand 
A Black Age Of Fire 
brief in its vicious eloquencere 
moving the dross 
love will arise from the ashes of your loss 
Then and only then 
will the pleasure of Eden be mine 
and the sinews of life itself will be tied 
in the very veins of my bloodline 
And their tears taste like wine... 
I will rule as a king 
and the Goddess will sit as my guiding Queen 
in the glory of the earth our crowns are studded 
with the jewels of blasphemy 
The blood is the life! 
I seek to evoke a new order in Man 
a flood of compulsion to resurrect Khem 
the lion is vexed to uproot and descend 
Chaos my steed in the thick, clinging dust 
tempering weapons of criminal lust 
I hold sway from the East to fulfill prophecies 
thinning the cause as fresh cells to disease 
The blood is the life! 
Even the moon will not lend thee her light 
the darkness serves will to snuff out human life 
that I might reclaim the world as my right 
I kill without scruple or silent regret 
in haunts of the sinister lunar aspect 
for I am the pleasure that comes from your pain 
tiny red miracles falling like...rain 
The incessant pall of death surrounds me 
but this is not the part of me that wishes to breed 
there will be no dread thereafter 
the mysteries I reveal unto thee 
I stir the hearts of the wisest 
by the fools I will always be feared 
my Kingdom feeds off their slaughter... 
A crescendo of passion bleeding... 
on the pale reflection of dawn 
Devour The Sun 
Crawl in awful stealth to me 
Forever a voyeur I've been 
Nocturnal Goddess of the Moon 
So she comes, unseenThus (Uzza and Azel) speak 
The burning seed, is thrust in Eveand yearning keeps me, captive of desire 
Make me as a flower that grows 
forever in your throne 
that I might pollinate the world 
with darkness as your own 
Embrace me in spellbinding eyes 
the fire of life that never dies 
tear deeper through my paper wounds 
and never leave inside 
Love shall consume and bathe the Lady 
whom I worship and ride thereon 
She will greet me as a serpent 
in her dark, secret Eden 
and I will always want 
for her witchcraft isDesire...  
My soul is poisoned from within... 
I crawl with languid guilt to thee 
forever flushed in sinLamia, latria I give 
my soul is poisoned from within 
Wisdom breeds, fecundity 
and her cunt she feeds, to fulfill her desire 
To Eve I cum... 
Sevenfold my passion wrought 
To ransack Eden, and to taste the whore 
I cling beyond her sabled court 
She is a gateway, to that darkness lost 
(Now dream...) 
I am the gentle stream 
that trickles through the summer glades 
of ever green peace 
there you will drink my stream 
and dream...I will make my puppets dance 
The men will bow down before me 
To take my flesh as elusive thoughts 
of dark, unbridled love... 
Oh, the fevered need for Her 
when greed and lust are sharpened in that one desiret 
he all-consuming fire 
Reveal to me your mysteries, Witch 
the tree is plundered but I have the seed 
to be sown in thee 
We, the nocturnal few 
bound by other laws 
to the service of the enemies of god 
are silent and hidden 
yet our exquisite fire burns on 
poised to engulf... 
Tie a man to his god 
he may not walk for fear 
of falling foul to temptation 
where once faith stood her ground 
Renounce the guilt, ignite the flame 
cast the fetid virgin back from where she came 
drink deep of the promise in my eyes... 
Of mist and midnight skies 
I drown in fathomless dreams 
and in the reeking mire of virtue scream 
I yearn to sell my very soul 
(And you shall 
for none so dark and sinister 
will arise to embrace the Arts) 
Do What Thou Wilt 
until the stones in my heart stand still 
regardless of the cost to your repugnant god 
The late May frost may blight the crops 
and will never be ascribed to the heavenly dog 
or nature, but infernal tasks... 
"By your cursings and imprecations 
you wrong both Man and beast 
by whatever whim you serve 
of the Devil your leige 
"Tie belief to the trinity, and seven ways 
will be wrought to condemn thee 
conspiring to cull the pagan ways 
Twist back their lies, personify their needs 
the war begins by Satanic decree 
if Evil we be, we will our lives... 
To mist and midnight skies 
(I will avenge the deaths of a thousand burning children) 
Be bound to a covenant with us in our hellish league 
and bring the host of the nazarine to their knees 
breath the life of an entity never-born 
darkness now descend in raven form 
the words, the burning rasp, vibrate the cosmic thread 
Arcturus is risen Queen, hold forth the severed head to me 
I pour my lovelorn kisses at your feetraper of all my worldy enemies 
Lycanthropy, please poison me 
send acausal instincts crawling through my brain 
take me, Mistress, until perversion is fed 
Dark Magick pleasures weaved under the jewelled moon-head 
the cross stick will fade when the usurper hangs 
for now we congregate where once my angel sang 
That night they came and took her away from me 
I lost the woman I loved and I learned how to curse 
and to spit in the face of their... "god" 
We will ride againin the midnight skies 
May dreams be brought that I might reach... 
the gentle strains of midnight speech 
and frozen stars that gild the forest floor 
Through the swirling snow 
Volkh's children come 
to run with me, to hunt as onet 
o snatch the lambs of christ 
from where they fall... 
Through acrid clouds of summer flies 
the garden swells with a thousand more wise 
Forever flung to celestial dreams 
clawing at the grave of the dead nazarene 
I watch the storm approaching 
the darkness calls my name 
the trees are growing restless 
they feel the season change 
their fruit has putrified 
forbidden once and bound to die 
the thread of life lies severed 
on the brink of paradise 
Grinning winds of hate unfurled 
dash towers tall that grip the sun 
talons stretch beneath her veil 
reclamation, our time has come... 
Autumn spreads its golden wings 
and lays the path for those unseen 
a tangled web of evil spun at last... 
Winter spawns from barren thighs 
to readdress, to slay the blind 
and throw the reins untethered to the skies 
They pray to the full moon rising 
Diana moving with such infinite grace 
wrapped alone in a blanket of night 
fallhow many secrets can they read by your face? 
Will they know of majesty 
of beauty held in dream-dead sleep 
and scarlet seas that bleed the frozen shores? 
Will their "god" of bridled love 
assuage our rule from planes above 
or shrink in fear from Chaos roused for war? 
Wrest askew the nails 
that have held you, lurking deep 
September prayers are waning 
burn the shrines of fettered sheep 
Spearhead the insurrection 
of a world that seeks no end 
"We are what we are, what we shall be, again..." 
Appear; draped in terror 
to the comfort of your kin 
Stain the milky sunset red 
and let the others in...Summer's dying... 
Swords in hands, at the bloody fields of history 
We rend our blades through dogma and humility 
Carve the future according to our will 
Set worlds ablaze with our seething fire 
Let all acknowledge, that we are here 
as Masters to rule this flaming humanity 
Our beings formed in rage and defiance 
with strength to trample the weak and the foolish 
And so we march, with burning breath 
Temples aflame on our path to glory 
De l'album "Vempire, or dark fearytales..." 
Inspired to mortal nightmare 
Ebony dressed for sunset 
In the dulcet whispers of the Damned 
Black candles dance to an overture 
but I am drawn past their flickering lure 
to the breathing forest that surrounds the room 
where the vigilant trees push out of the womb 
I sip the blood-red wine 
my thoughts weigh heavy with the burden of time 
from knowledge drunk from the fountain of life 
from Chaos born out of love and the scythe 
the forest beckons with her nocturnal call 
to pull me close amid the baying of wolves 
where the bindings of christ are downtrodden with scorn 
in the dank, odiferous earth 
We embrace like two lovers at death 
a monument to the trapping of breath 
as restriction is bled from the veins in my neck 
to drop roses on my marbled breast 
I lust for the wind and the flurry of leaves 
and the perfume of flesh on the murderous breeze 
to learn from the dark and the voices between 
This is my will... 
The forest whispers my name... again and again 
I walk the path 
to the land of the Dark Immortals 
Where the hungry ones will carry my soul 
as the wild hunt careers through the boughs 
Come to me, my Pale Enchantress 
In the moon of the woods we kiss 
Artemis be near me 
in the arms of the ancient oak 
where daylight hangs by a lunar noose 
and the horned, hidden one is re-invoked 
The principle of Evil 
evolution has been recalled 
Beneath the spread of Magickal Aeon 
I stand enthralled 
... In the whispering forest 
I share Carmilla's mask 
A gaunt mephitic voyeur 
On the black side of the glass 
Peering through the mirror 
Deep dark and ominous 
Consorting themes, demons I weave 
Subservience from thee to lust 
I am Corinthian light 
Sharp-eyed, impassive whore 
Burn the asafoetida 
and rank petriachor 
Lure me panthered Faustia 
With cunt and veiled womb 
To prowl thy inner sanctum walls 
In Tirgoviste to resume 
Seduction, my obsessive art 
A pantheon of tragedies inscribed upon the stars 
Like thistled ruin, garbed around thy heart 
Bacchanal Cinderella, desirious midnight passed 
Leaving thee as sacrifice asleep within my arms 
'Midst dreams of robed redemption versed in sexual aftermath 
When we ebb as tides together, carnal souls entwined 
And orgasms expire, come puppet wires and the blind 
Fires work in me 
A lithe supremacy 
I tear asunder heaven as I would all enemies 
Impaler Lord 
Flesh upon the sword 
My lower lusts are sated, the greater herald war 
I am thirst, spearheaded hunger 
Sacrament and pain 
Nails raked in savagery 
When the cruel Countessa came 
The Queen of death-white winter enthroned 
Evil resplendent, in dusk red seething skies 
Foam-flecked nightmares drag a moon 
Of Draconian design 
A love that never dies 
Nefarious as her winds 
Stirring silhouettes to rise 
When stars fall pale 
And to drown back in Her eyes 
Is to madden ghosts within 
To unhinge a thousand sins 
From Death's dark vale 
"Blessed be these spells of winter 
Unto us that wait with patience in 
This secret garden 
To storm our way into another 
As yes undone" 
Desert claims Eden 
And Hyperborean 
Visions of Utopia are driven from the sun 
Before thee angels clasped 
In nakedness their ochre flesh 
Shall yield to thy advance 
She is all to me 
Mysterious, alive 
The howling in the deep woods 
When cold festal stars aligned 
A lurid moon looms; phosphorent, evil 
Yesod vested in despotic upheaval 
Silvering wolves that scarlet forest snow 
Forgotten ones enter as above, so below 
The trees groan aghast as ghostly pallored clouds are rent 
When the drunken earth heaves, sweep aside seas to ascend 
From Sheol's dank haunted wilderness 
Thy seal upon Nuit's starry vault to incense the sleepers, dead 
Queen of Winter, throned 
The murderess lurked in vulgar caresses 
Vestal masturbation 
(Purity) Overthrown 
In raven feathered dress 
Sides with Death at chess 
Their pawns are many and the enemy 
When the miscreants fell dead 
She took to conjuring spells in the cusp of the night 
And the bestial floor shook with terrible life 
I rise before thee Queen 
To feed our lusts on the blood of the weak 
To rule heaven and worlds crawling beneath 
Satanic Tyranny 
Weak midnight promises of love 
Were wept upon Her grave 
And shunned by stars above 
In mortal life lurks my dismay 
An Angel stole my heart 
and Death took Her away 
She sleeps beyond the grace of god 
A dreaming beauty 
If wishes could only fray that bond 
The dead would sing for me... 
Twelfth moon arose with ghostly voice 
A poet's serenade 
Her name a whisper 'pon my lips 
And lo, Rorasa came 
"Fear me not my grieving King 
Funereal in breath 
The secrets of the dark I know 
And thus, we shall cheat Death" 
My promises wrought though despondence that night 
Have delivered me gifts from the grave 
Rorasa enshadowed and eternal life 
Never a Devil so vain 
The Angel is fallen, for I thought her lost 
And no heaven would silence the pain 
Teach me these secrets, the sensual frost 
Desire for warm blood again 
Princess lay down thy florid cheek 
In drunken splendour 
Tonight rare regal fate has cast 
The wolves among the sheep 
Dark nature clasp my soul 
Around Her throat mine arms enfold 
To sleep, perchance to dream 
And then... 
To dusk and flesh ascend 
The Sun descends, magenta spirits fill the skies 
and wreak erotic maladies where sex and Death abide 
From writhing tides where gothick siren weave their song to shore 
Through the ashes of the battlefields where ravens and angels war 
As phantoms we have fled the basilisk of day 
To rise as phoenix taloned, nightly taking prey 
We rule like the red and risen moon upon the sea 
The stars of judgement silent, for we share joyous 
Stigmata plague 
The wine of Bacchus flows 
Listen to the thunder rage 
Deceivers dragged before their cross 
I am He that vanquished Death 
And bore the sting of loss 
What vulgar christ will unprise my grasp? 
His temple, ruined, burns 
And sweet Rorasa laughs 
I am enamoured and imparadised 
To catch the fires dancing profanely in her eyes 
"I will crush them all 
If this holds thy delight" 
Rather dead forever than to lose her 
Nymph-lascivious Aphrodite 
Hosannas in Extremis 
Invading tempestuous skies 
When Inanna rose, bringing angels repose 
And Narcissus' fate as their prize 
Blinded by Diana's mirror 
Wherein coffined truth struggles, forlorn 
And covetous stars out their eyes to deceive 
The horrors performed on Her shores 
As jewelled Ishtar, in darker Aeons 
Trespassed Ereshkigal's grasp 
Her ravening twin, wreathed in whispers and wind 
Now inspires Catharsis to dance 
Through the weave of white vaults 
Where the shadows revolt 
At the incest of spiritual love 
Castrata choirs, bereft of such lusts 
Spatter virginal breasts with their blood 
The iron tongue of midnight hath told twelwe 
(Thirst-ridden) Wolves serenade a moon 
Who seems no mistress of Herself 
And heavens pour forth vast casualties 
Thy host given up for me 
Thou which wert once and then ceased to be 
Art now ensconced to chapters 
Of a lengthening tragedy 
Whilst we scream free 
Deep forests impale the sinister mist 
Their sorcery taught to the clouds 
Who muster like mountains, a fountainous wish 
To vex the sweet dead from silk odious shrouds 
Storm-woken sisters of Judas unfurl 
As Psyche to Sapphic lament 
Wrapt in thy tresses and taloned caresses 
Whisper me secrets beheld beyond Death 
I was loath to lose 
To the virgin-bloodied priests 
Whose lord fantasied on Magdalene 
And sought to savour Her as beast 
Her aching sex 
A rose undone 
As mine in tears and spasms wrung" 
Ebon Nemesis, slain Jericho's stone 
Has built thee a marbled stair 
By candlelight to Eden and a Serpentine throne 
Where ravens rape the tenanting angels there 
Hurry, else Death may spy us here 
And quicken the pulse of dawn 
Embering flames writhe to life again 
The starry brow threshed with poisonous thorn 
Huntress, draw back the silvered bow 
Thy dogs set upon the manger 
The enemy in throes... 
Whilst drifting fogs devour 
All Hallows witching hour 
On this long, dark seance for the soul 
Through malevolent Scylla, Charybdis graves 
Our conquesting spirits pour forth, unassuaged 
Occultnesses watch us and Seraph, afraid 
Like fireflies plunge to Her maw, midst crashing black waves 
"Remember with pride what thou art 
Lest we forget in awe of our terrible past" 
When Dark royalties drank of despair 
Idols hewed down 'neath a desert god's stare 
In thrall to revenges sworn there 
What dreams could we father, when farther we fell 
To nightmare... ? 
"Well versed in misery 
We have lain naked in darkest ravines 
Now the sun has set in slumber. We delight 
Like serpents in arousal 
Coiled to strike at the light" 
Now abyssed Lucifers master the earth 
Uncloister jaded harlots once served 
Enthralled by cruel raptures, rehearsed 
Kiss slumbered beauty and weapon our thousand year curse 
The laughter of Khaos 
Gatekeepers flee the onslaught 
A World enslaved to flame 
Bondage in Phallustine 
Pleasure temples for my bride 
Nubian grace swiftly seize 
Thieves blood-divine 
Empires thrive on sacrifice 
de l'album "Dusk...And Her Embrace"  
Rise, ablaze, libidinous 
Devildom voyeursAscend to smother the light 
Nascent aeons confer.... 
Chaos is spat 
From the black eternal sea 
Serrated mountains of mad shadows 
Carving towards misdeed 
Stormchoirs gather 
A pestilential hiss 
Sunset evokes Luciferian fire 
The skies are ruptured like a knifed orifice 
Supernal vestments hang tattered 
Cathedrals shriek to pulpit oratory 
Invasions scale Babel's ivory towers 
Poised to sodomise a world upon it's knees 
(Victory spentBreathe deep benighted scent) 
We are as a flame born unto the darkness 
Desires burning in palatial glades 
And virtues once aloof, now 
worming beneath us 
Shalt see their children, pleasuring as slaves.... 
Wreak atrocities on those we have despised 
Judgements be riven, from the skies 
Darkness empower let us master prophecy 
Fulfilling destiny - the promised fever 
Bedizens eyes paralysed with blasphemy 
Written in flesh across the howling ether 
Spread the bliss of this Lupercalia 
With stars erased, throw wide the gates 
The infidel soon unmasks her face 
Neath silken shroud she waxes horn 
Sharpened to skewer dawn.... 
I am as a plague, born to the priestess 
The secret amour of her archangelic rape 
Jaded-eyed when my lovers, possessed 
Screamed out their agonies, upon the stake 
"The most August sorcerers of Hades 
Darkly seized for me a throne 
And the upraised scythe so terribly scribed 
Vengeance in Jesuit blood on stone 
From this ransacked celestial temple 
I hold the prophet's severed head unto all nations" 
Tremble before us 
Lords of the star-veiled red sepulchres 
Rushing deathwards, our Tartarean fires 
Kindle pandemonia to furnace the earth" 
"Our voices are opened graves 
Through which the never-dead escape" 
From dank, abyssic dreamPursuing ascendancy.... 
The enemy has held three seasons 
Imparadised, whilst we writhed 
To psycho-dramas penned by aerial decree 
Now freed to plunder.... 
Heaven torn asunder 
Candelabra snuffed prey - silhouette wedded 
Nightfall take my hand 
Seduce me with silky timbred limbs 
Grant me thy dark command 
Over the peaks framing tapestries 
f thick forest, dusk has filled 
With Lucifugous kisses enwreathed in mist 
Creeping like violations from the shadows 
to kill 
Is my love in vein 
When thy tears bleed sweeter 
Thank the midsummer rain? 
Bewinged, infested belfries 
Toll o'er the sobbing throng 
A writhe of lethargic, terrored nudes 
Whipped and welted neath the barbed windsong.... 
(in sadean paradise 
Ancestral legacies linger on...) 
I am He 
The crowned and conquering darkness 
Satan robed in ecumenical filth 
Livid Bacchus sustained by bridal echelons of sylph 
This wintry eve when the snow glistens deep 
And sharpened turrets wed the jewelless skies 
I shrug off the shroud of preternatural sleep 
Enbroided by these words Malaresia scribed.... 
"Beauty slept and angels wept 
For Her immortal soul 
In this response, all evil chose 
To claim her for their very own" 
The pleasured dead speak of her 
In necromantic tongue 
When ambered daylights are done 
Masturbating in their graves 
On her zenith to come.... 
This catafalque night when awed stars report 
"How the storm it fulfills 
My heart, though unhealed 
Celestial knifes ebonied 
And wild woods thrill 
Yet far fiercer still 
Her lustre eviscerates me" 
Priapic lovers twist in concert with Her 
Covenants are struck, jagged lightning fellates 
The path towards the castle weary innocence takes 
I rule as Master here 
Where feral hordes impart my temper 
Love sank wounded when I, betrayed 
Saw death etch cruelly, upon my lineage 
"Usher the spite seething Draconist 
And commit this world to thy ancient 
Erunescent veil descend 
Psalmed sunset thus portends 
And laid to rest, I now am blessed 
With this darkness.... Forever more 
Supreme Vampiric Evil 
Evening minuetto in a castle by the sea 
A jewel more radiant than the moon 
Lowered Her mask to me 
The sublimest creature the Gods, full of fire 
Would marvel at making their Queen 
Infusing the air with Her fragrant desire 
And my heart reeled with grave poetry.... 
From grace I fell in love with Her 
Scent and feline lure 
And jade woodland eyes that ushered in the impurest 
"Erotic, laden fantasies amid this warm Autumn night 
She lulled me away from the rich masquerade 
And together we clung in the bloodletting moonlight" 
Pearled luna, what spell didst thou cast on me? 
Her icy kiss fervoured my neck 
Like whispering waves 'pon Acheron's beach 
In a whirl of sweet voices and statues 
That phantomed the dying trees 
This debauched seductress in black, took me.... 
In a pale azured dawn like Ligeia reborn 
I tore free of my sleep - sepulchre 
On the sea misted lawn where stone figures, forlorn 
Lamented the spectre of Her 
Bewildered and weak, yet with passion replete 
I hungered for past overtures 
The curse of unrest and her ardent caress 
Came much more than my soul could endure.... 
I, at once endeavoured to see Her again 
Stirring from midnight's inertia 
Knowing not even her name 
On a thin precipice over carnal abyss 
I danced like a blind acolyte 
Drunk on red wine, her dead lips on mine 
Suffused with the perfume of night 
For hours I scoured the surrounding grounds 
In vain that we might meet 
When storm clouds broke, ashened, fatigued 
I sought refuge in a cemetery 
Sleep, usher dreams 
Taint to nightmares from a sunless nether 
Mistress of the dark 
I now know what thou art 
Screams haunt my sleep 
Dragged from nightmares thou hast wed together 
Lamia and Lemures 
Spawned thee leche 
To snare my flesh 
Portrait of the Dead Countess 
Deep stained pain that I had dreamt 
Flaunted demise, life's punishment 
Leaving little strength to seal this wretched tomb.... 
But poised nectar within my stirs 
Up feverous desire and morbid purpose to search 
Through cobwebbed drapery to where she swoons 
Goddess of the graveyard, of the tempest and moon 
In flawless fatal beauty her very visage compels 
Glimpses of a heaven where ghost companies fell 
To mourning the loss of god in blackest velvet 
Enrobed in their downfall like a swift silhouette 
"Fleeting, enshadowed 
Thou art privy to my sin 
Secrets dead, wouldst thou inflict 
The cruel daylights upon my skin? 
Dost thou not want to worship me 
With crimson sacrifice 
So my cunt may twitchagainst thy kiss 
And weep with new-found life?" 
Red roses for the Devil's whore.... 
Dark angels taste my tears 
And whisper haunting requiems 
Softly to mine ear 
Need-fires have lured abominations here.... 
Nocturnal pulse 
My veins spill forth their waters 
Rent by lips I cherish most 
Awash on her perfidious shores 
Where drowning umbra o'er the stars 
Ebon's graves where lovers whore 
Like seraphim and Nahemah 
Pluck out mine eyes, hasten, attest 
Blind reason against thee, Enchantress 
For I must know, art thou not death? 
My heart echoes bloodless and incensed.... 
Doth temptation prowl night in vulvic revelry 
Did not the Queen of Heaven come as Devil to me? 
On that fatal Hallow's Eve when we fled company 
As the music swept around us in the crisp, fated leaves 
Under horned Diana where her bloodline was sewn 
In a graveyard of Angels rent in cool marbled stone 
I am grieving the loss of life in sombre velvet 
Enrobed in Death's shadow like a swifter 
Take away the wine 
For restlessness plagues me.... 
I am assailed by a spectre profounder 
Than hatred and grief or the sum of their hideous crime 
I shalt suffer this confessional mime 
Awaiting the sun to set, crimsoning seas 
Only once it is dark doth my misery cease 
She died to a sky dressed in flame 
Eyes full of curses for her killers by choice 
Who fell to their god o'er her vision and voice 
"I am as dusk come to ravish the light" 
Steal me from their stares and mute christ into night 
"I will answer thy prayers" 
If thou Wouldst drink of my life.... 
Encroaching evening skies 
Die with such tragedy 
And those interred in cold graves 
Dwell on pleasures to beIn deep hysteria 
Where our legend still breathes 
Through sweet death and there after 
Sweeping nightmares....  
Shalt feed 
When the sun has wept upon the waveless lake 
And the mists steal in with ease 
Covened wolves are their eerie dissonant napes 
In adoration of the moon and thee 
"They call as I to thee...." 
And I will come, as if in dream 
My languid, dark and lustrous Malaresian Queen 
Of vengeful, ancient breed 
Gilded with the pelts of many enemies 
Erishkigal, raven-haired 
Thy seduction haunts the castle in erotic despair 
I can taste thy scent by candlelight 
Legs of porcelain traced and laced to their lair 
Appease the beast on spattered sheets 
Dyed unearthly red as sobriety weeps 
She shall come for me 
A black velvet painting sprung to elegant life 
Like a poignant Madonna perverted to night 
And I have ridden from the westerning light 
To expend my lust 
Tear away the funereal dress 
Know that I will escape from my death 
Surrendered to the splendour of her sharpened caress 
Lo! The pale moonlight 
Weaves a poetic spell of vital death and decline 
Of mist and moth and the hunger inside 
Kisses took to fever and the fever, demise 
"Through twilight, darkness and moonrise 
My scarlet tears will run 
As stolen blood and whispered love 
Of fantasies undone" 
Countess swathed in ebony 
And snow-white balletic grace 
Rouge-filmed lips procure the wish 
For lust and her disgrace 
Dusk and her embrace 
We shall flit through the shadows 
Like a dream of (were)wolves in the snow 
Under deadly nightshade 
Still warmed with the kill's afterglow 
Beneath the stars thy flesh bedevils me 
(Beneath the stars taste the death in me) 
Bequeath to me thy fiery kiss 
To sever thin mortality 
My heart is thine 
Thy fragrant words 
Warm within like wine.... 
"Let me come to thee" 
With eyes like Asphodel 
Moon-glancing, loose desires free 
To writhe under my spell" 
Ereshkigal, raven-haired 
Thy seduction haunts the castle in erotic despair 
I know thy scent by candlelight 
Immortal flesh I yearn to share 
Appease the beast on spattered sheets 
Dyed malefic red as sobriety weeps 
She shall come for me.... 
Unfurl thy limbs breathless succubus 
How the full embosomed fog 
Imparts the night to us.... 
Death, spirit me away 
My anguished soul doth strain 
On taut and twisted reins 
Yet, insatiate I still remain 
Like a proud, unfalled star 
That dares thee from afar 
To calm my thund'rous heart 
Else, rend it's knots apart 
So I may never sing 
Of jewelled skies o'er my strings 
And love, a wanton thing 
Can plunge on burnt, black wings 
To hang amid the thorns 
In scarlet, like velvet worn 
About the clouded moon 
Who wanes in solitude.... 
I am alone 
Thirsting for the dark 
That lurks beneath marbled stone 
What black witchcraft 
Shalt prise thee from thy dreams 
And what perverse world-strategy 
Will wend it's way with thee from sleep? 
"Rouse my disease 
And with cadent naked dance I shalt teach 
Thee wisdom of darkness 
From earth and red sea 
Lightbearing Samael 
Coalesce with me.... 
Through pagan city gates 
Bred shadows play like twining snake 
By candlelight 
Thanateros ritesDeath seduced and chaos wakes.... 
Obsession grips, blindragon fever 
In throes of scythed orgasm, Eros dies 
And Saturn rapes faith's lovelorn Diva 
Upon a cyprean altar, stripped bare for sacrifice 
Virtue births a demon 
Pandora's box, unhinged, sets loose the night 
Winged lilith born for want of Eden 
Fanning plumes of harlotry 
Like pearls before the desert swine 
The skies, they darken 
And the oceans part 
Storm forth indignant Kraken 
Reborn Venus as thou art 
Feasting at my banquet 
Of Saturnalia 
I call thee having wrestled 
The tidesfrom lonely Diana 
"For thee Endymion 
I forsake the cerements of this star-flung tomb" 
Be-with-us come 
Unveil the ancient flame 
Throw the cats our enemies 
Desire's menstrual strain 
Eastern Devil eyes 
A cruel erotic plague 
The Shekhina is in exile 
And the Israelites enslaved to shame 
A tenebrous phantasy 
Revelates to men 
Their celestial walls crumble 
When walks the Xul 
Born to the scarlet whore in Babylon 
The centuries of wait have all but gone 
Behold dark beauty stirs to conquer on and on 
Now worship Everything 
Herodias and I have led a phantom cavalcade 
Through veiled and pagan history where superstitions reigned 
And Christendom sought to pervert, but poets of my name 
Sang of penumbral victories that sorcery had claimed 
The Graal and mighty Caliburn as votive offerings 
To an England rearisen under vast majestic wings 
These are the shores whereto my soul 
Blood drenched and unredeemed 
Shalt seek solace in secrets told 
Through the whispers of a dream 
From the woods Pendragon-born, I rose Arcturius 
A proud, audacious King mantled in the 
vehemence of lust 
Death and destiny undaunted me, I drew a throne divided 
In awe of the glorious battles won, my dark  
Goddess provided 
Then treachery, a wingless beast, came crawling to my court 
And now I lie at cursed Camlann, from wounds a traitor  
I fear the Augean light 
is sweeping through Camelot 
How bittersweet my triumphs seem, 
now Autumnal leaves succumb to frost 
Morganna art thou near me? 
Languid, I wend my path to grave 
Cast my sword to the sulphyd grasp 
Of the naiad neath the silvered lake 
When waters stirred lay silent 
Mistress let the mists descend 
Thy tears cannot thaw Death's cold heart 
His sombre gaze defies legend 
More so than thine, else thy dew-lidded eyes 
Art for the Banshees song 
Or our souls entwined like vein upon 
The haunted shores of Avalon 
The haunted shores of Avalon 
Bury me in velvet dream 
Lest I unduly wake 
And seek to reconcile my thirst 
With the cowardly tailors of my fate 
Unleash mastiffs of snarling night 
To overthrow, plague and burn 
As slumber lures me 'mongst the dead 
To scheme of my return 
Archaic ghostly echoes breathe like thunder of the storm 
A tempest fools miscall divine as they crouch awaiting dawn 
Their ignorance has forged for me overcenturies a sword 
Burnished to flash like lightning on the precipice of war 
The wolves are dead in Albion whilst the 
passive flocks roam free 
This my penetrant spearhead  
shalt pierce these foul, 
trespassing breeds 
(Rallying war speech... Cronos) 
De l'album "Cruelty And The Beast 
Spawned wanton like blight on an auspicious night 
Her eyes betrayed spells of the moon's eerie light 
A disquieting gaze forever ghosting far seas 
Bled white and dead, Her true mother was fed 
To the ravenous wolves that the elements led 
From crag-jagged mountains that seemingly grew in unease 
Through the maw of the woods, a black carriage was drawn 
Flanked by barbed lightning that hissed of the storm 
(Gilded in crests of Carpathian breed) 
Bringing slaves to the sodomite for the new-born 
On that eve when the Countess' own came deformed 
A tragedy crept to the name Bathory 
Elizabeth christened, no paler a rose 
Grew so dark as this sylph 
None more cold in repose 
Yet Her beauty spun webs 
Round hearts a glance would betroth 
She feared the light 
So when She fell like a sinner to vice 
Under austere, puritanical rule 
She sacrificed........ 
Mandragora like virgins to rats in the wall 
But after whipangels licked prisoners, thralled 
Never were Her dreams so maniacally cruel 
(And possessed of such delights) 
For ravens winged Her nightly flights 
Of erotica 
Half spurned from the pulpit 
Torments to occur 
Half learnt from the cabal of demons 
In Her 
Her walk went to voodoo 
To see Her own shadow adored 
At mass without flaw 
Though inwards She abhored 
Not Her coven of suitors 
But the stare of their Lord 
"I must avert mine eyes to hymns 
For His gaze brings dogmas to my skin 
He knows that I dreamt of carnal rites 
With Him undead for three long nights" 
Elizabeth listened 
No sermons intoned 
Dragged such guilt to Her door 
Tombed Her soul with such stone 
For She swore the Priest sighed 
When She knelt down to atone...... 
She feared the light 
So when She fell 
Like sinner to vice 
Under austere, puritanical rule 
She sacrificed 
Her decorum as chaste 
To this wolf of the cloth 
Pouncing to haunt 
Her confessional box 
Forgiveness would come 
When Her sins were washed off 
By rebaptism in white........... 
The looking glass cast Belladonna wreaths 
'Pon the grave of Her innocence 
Her hidden face spat murder 
From a whisper to a scream 
All sleep seemed cursed 
In Faustian verse 
But there in orgiastic Hell 
No horrors were worse 
Than the mirrored revelation 
The She kissed the Devil's phallus 
By Her own decree........ 
So with windows flung wide to the menstrual sky 
Solstice Eve She fled the castle in secret 
A daughter of the storm, astride Her favourite nightmare 
On winds without prayer 
Stigmata still wept between Her legs 
A cold bloodedness which impressed new hatreds 
She sought the Sorceress 
Through the snow and dank woods to the sodomite's lair 
Nine twisted fates threw hewn bone die 
For the throat of Elizabeth 
Damnation won and urged the moon 
In soliloquy to gleam 
Twixt the trees in shafts 
To ghost a path 
Past the howl of buggered nymphs 
In the sodomite's grasp 
To the forest's vulva 
Where the witch scholared Her 
In even darker themes 
Amongst philtres and melissas 
Midst the grease of strangled men 
And eldritch truths, elder ill-omen 
Elizabeth came to life again 
And under lacerations of dawn She returned 
Like a flame unto a deathshead 
With a promise to burn 
Secrets brooded as She rode 
Through mist and marsh to where they showed 
Her castle walls wherein the restless 
Counted carrion crows 
She awoke from a fable to mourning 
Church bells wringing Her madly from sleep 
Tolled by a priest, self castrated and hung 
Like a crimson bat 'neath the belfry 
The biblical prattled their mantras 
Hexes six-tripled their fees 
But Elizabeth laughed, thirteen Autumns had passed 
And She was a widow from god and His wrath, finally... 
Maleficent in dusky rose 
Gathered satin lapped Her breasts 
Like blood upon the snow 
A tourniquet of Topaz 
Glistened at Her throat 
Awakening, pulled from the tomb 
Her spirit freed eclipsed the moon 
That She outshone as a fallen star 
A regal ornament from a far flung nebular 
Her likeness hung in the black gallery 
Commanding unease 
Demanding of Death to breathe.... 
Midst the whirl and daylight fauna 
Of society at court 
Elizabeth bedazzled, Her presence sought applause 
Though Her torchlit shadow 
Thrown upon damp cellar walls 
Greeted nothing but despair from slaves Her nights enthralled 
Thirteen Winter solstices had shown 
Her path, that the dark 
Had marked its dominion 
Spaying the confessor 
Whose caresses she'd known, 
As whipcord in the House of Dog 
Her cold cunt meat on holy bone 
Raped of faith, She now embraced 
The narcissistic unrest frozen on the mirror's face 
With this disdain, inside these veins 
(Highborn wanton that She was) 
She sought to keep what age would claim 
Her soul was sold and for this toll 
Reeking pyres ever smouldered 
On the whims of one so in control 
Elizabeth, mysterious. 
Cruelty brought thee orchids 
From the bowels of the abyss 
Once upon atrocity when midwitches stifled cries 
And carved abortive runes in reddened wombs 
Exhumed by scrying eyes 
Madness came upon 
Her like an amourous lover's seed 
Lifesblood splashed upon Her skin 
In gouts torture unleashed 
And to Her dead reflection 
Twas as if Her pallor gleamed 
Like an angel's warmed by candles 
Where erotic stains had cleaved 
So demons dragged this libertine 
Lusts screaming for release 
Upon the flesh of maidens preened 
As canvas for caprice 
Exacting obeisance 
Her gaze held a seance 
Of spirits too trapped under glass to commune 
A sleeter mistress than Luna 
Whose threats to consume Her 
Met with torments giving vent to Her swoon 
Flat on Her back 
Pack-prey for the reams 
Of verses and curses 
That haunted Her dreams 
Midnightmare chimed 
Thirteen in Her mind 
A disciple of scars 
Branded years hissed behind 
Ridden split-thighed 
By the Father of lies 
An ovation of wolves 
Blushed the skies as they writhed 
But Heaven is never forever 
She came, a spent storm 
From the clouds... 
Leaving serpents in office 
Inside every gate 
To lick righteous holes 
Blinding Lords to the fate 
Of virgins forced naked 
To defile on rent knees 
Hacked and racked backwards 
Menses choking their pleas 
"More. Whore. More. 
Twitching make me wet with thee 
Carcass rub me raw" 
Midwinter wrongs the rites of Spring 
Her spinal chill rakes the earth 
Whilst pensive souls at zero sing 
Woebetidings of rebirth 
Under cold stares of Mars maligned 
Near-suicides cross their hearts 
And unborns writhe in tepid brine 
For something wicked this way starts 
Beneath the howling stars 
Elizabeth, paragon of vice 
Watches the sun set pyres alight 
As Bane and Tyranny, Her Dobermans sleep 
Like spellbound paramours at Her feet 
A chatter of bells without 
Raise hellhounds, teeth on edge 
From sleighs hastened through snow lit red 
Guests espied from the garret ledge 
Great gloomy mirror tell Her face 
She will outblind them all 
That heavenly bodies would fall from grace 
To possess such a lustrous pall 
For beauty is always Cruel.... 
(Let destiny in chains commence.... 
Damnation under Gods seeking recompense 
Enslaving to the whims of this mistress) 
As the dance ensued 
Elizabeth's mood 
Tempered by the craft of a vitreous moon 
In slick black iciness it grew 
To consume 
The wench Her tower tombed 
Tending to Her costume 
Bore the brunt of the storm 
When the needle askewed 
She has Her dogs maul the bitch's wrists through 
Restored to jaded bliss 
This evisceratrix 
Descended to the ball 
With painted blood upon Her lips 
Passing like a comet so white 
As to eclipse 
The waltz wound down, transfixed 
Devoid of all breath in the air 
Even Death paled to compare 
To the taint of Her splendour 
So rare and engendered 
'Pon the awed throng gathered 
Beneath the howling stars 
She danced so macabre 
Men entranced divined from Her gait 
That this angel stepped from a pedestal 
Had won remission from fate 
By alighting to darker spheres 
Delighting in held sway 
For She was not unlike the Goddess 
To whom the wolves bayed 
"Whilst envy glanced daggers 
From court maidens, arboured 
Who whispered in sects 
Of suspicions abroad 
That Elizabeth bewitched 
See how even now the whore casts 
Her spells upon the Black Count 
Whom Her reddened lips hold fast" 
Tongue unto tongue 
Swept on tides without care 
For the harpies who rallied 
Their maledict glares 
A halo of ravens tousled Her hair 
Chandeliers a tiara 
For passions ensnared 
Phantasies sexed 
When their eyes, moonstruck met 
Their friction wore a way 
Through the sea of foreplay 
Lovers at first bite 
She an Eve tempted to lay 
Gasping at rafters 
Flesh pressed in ballet 
But caprice, honours leashed 
She absconded the feast 
To prowl wonderland 
Beasts in hand from the Keep 
Of Feudal dilemma 
Well mantled in furs 
Through cullis to watch 
Dogstars howl at the earth 
On this violent night 
Unholy night 
Winds lashed their limbs together 
As the ether vent its wintry spite 
She wished His kiss on Her frozen landscapes 
To excite the bleak advance 
From castle bowers 
Wherein small hours 
The Devil never came by chance 
A lone charm tied to Her inner thigh 
Sent lusts nova as hooves trod 
Cobbled streets where lowlives fleet 
Were flung to a wayward god 
Midwinter wrongs the rites of Spring 
Her spinal chill rakes the earth 
Whilst pensive souls at zero sing 
Woebetidings of rebirth 
Under cold stares of Mars maligned 
Near-suicides cross their hearts 
And unborns writhe in tepid brine 
For something wicked this way starts 
Beneath the howling stars 
Pounding upon the pauper ridge 
Earshot of a hunched beldame 
Elizabeth teased, would He dare to please 
Such elderly loins enflamed? 
To this He feigned a grim disdain 
Playing to Her slayful eye 
But the hag replied.... 
"This girl that chides 
Will soon be as plagued with age as I" 
Her consort laughed a plume of icy breath 
For Elizabeth's grace could raise 
A flag of truce in burning heaven 
Or the dead from early graves 
Yet still She seethed 
This proud Snow Queen 
Embittered with the cursed retort 
And because He sought Her loves onslaught 
He gutted the crone for sport 
Soon in full moon fever they were wed 
Lycanthropic in the conjugal bed 
Littered with aphrodisiacs 
To tease dynastic union 
And beget them further maniacs 
Free reigned, now a Countess 
Outwielded and outwore 
Her title like a favoured dress 
Whilst Her errant Lord 
Whose seasons savoured war 
Stormed black to fell the infidel 
Her embers, tempered, roared. 
Nights came tralling ghost concertos 
Heartstrings a score of skeletal reaper bows 
Playing torture chamber music allegretto 
Conducting over throes thrashed to crescendo 
Skinless the dark shall scream 
Hoarse Her symphonies 
Deathmashed as the moon 
That had lifted Her dreams 
And frowned on the winding steps down 
To where the vulgar strayed, 
Taunting sick Her tender prey 
She glided in Her bridal gown 
How sleep the pure 
Desire in Violent Overture 
An emanation of phantom madness 
The Countess beheld in shroud 
By girls bereft of future vows 
Soon to wed in white the frosted ground 
Burning like a brand on the countenance of god 
A yearning took Her hand to His Seraphim, bound 
Deep red hissed the cat whips 
On the whim of ill-will 
Whilst She entranced, nonchalant, abliss 
Flayed further songs of overkill 
How weep the pure 
Desire in Violent overture 
In a crescent-whime cellar of crushed roses 
Pooled blood and broken dolls 
A torchlit shadow theatre souled 
With the echoed cries of lives She stole 
Killing time 
She struck the hours dead 
In Her control 
Thus menopaused 
Her clock of hacked out cunts 
Began to toll 
"Thirteen chimes of ancient strain 
I conjure forth with dirge 
That fills the void with timbred pain 
To fulfil my sexual urge" 
Frights came wailing from the Darkside 
Haunting lipless mouths a fugue of arcane diatribes 
Velvet, their voices coffined Her in slumber 
Bespattered and appeased 
As pregnant skies outside bore thunder 
How sleep the pure 
Desire in violent overture 
As when high winds 
Attune whipped trees 
Her savage nature pitched 
Would once again conduct the pleas 
Of those She loved to agonies 
As if it were 
The first time every night 
That She carved Her seal 
In the flesh of life. 
"Mirror, mirror on the wall 
Shouldst not grave pleasures be my all? 
For if I shall see thy Will be done 
Grant Me the Witchcraft of thy tongue" 
Three moondials froze in the shadow of six 
As another soul passed to the grasping Styx 
Clutching their trinket crucifix 
Bats blew from caves in a dissonant surge 
Omens of corruption from within the church 
A fetid, dank oasis still clung to fool rebirth 
Alone as a stone cold altar 
The castle and its keep 
Like faerytale dominion rose 
A widow to the snow peaks 
Wherein reclined the Countess 
Limbs purring from the kill 
Bathed in virgin white and like the night 
Alive and young and unfulfilled 
Was it the cry of a wolf 
That broke the silver thread of enchanted thoughts? 
Of Her life as a mere reflection 
(As the moon's in narrow windows caught) 
That opened like dark eyelids on 
The sigh of the woods that the wind fell upon 
Like a Siren weaving song 
From the lilt of choirs choking 
Where the vengeful dead 
To the Sorceress and Her charnel arts 
She swept from ebon towers at the hour of Mars 
'Neath a star-inwoven sky latticed by scars 
To unbind knotted reins that kept in canter, despair 
Shod on melancholy, fleet to sanctuary there, 
In netherglades tethered where onyx idols stared 
Was it the Kiss of the mist 
That peopled the air with the prowess of absinthe? 
Lost souls begging resurrection 
From Gods upon their forest plinths 
Whose epitaphs read of re-ascending to win 
Remission from despair through a holocaust of sin 
In a tongue hilted in invective rectums 
Over signs and seals the sorceress prayed 
To Death, to rend the slender veil 
That Ancient Ones might rise again 
As shadows swelled 
The Countess fell 
To masturbating with Her dagger 
As the Witch gabbled spells 
Cumming heavy roses all the way to Hell 
As sudden thunder's grue harangue 
Announced two pincered worlds 
Exuding bane, something came 
With the stench of necrophiled graves 
To these clandestines 
Who shrank from glimpsing horror 
That the growls of mating houls inclined... 
In pendants 
(Natal trophies torn from bellies of desanctified nuns) 
A demons, bewinged, bedight 
In scum, prowled their circle seeking entry to run 
An arctic tongue upon Her vulva 
Where rubies smeared to alabaster thighs 
Glittered like a contract in the purse of a whore 
Receiving sole communion from the body of christ 
"If blood is what thou carves, foul fiend 
I will yield this witch to thee 
If thou wouldst draw a veil for Me 
O'er lengthening scars of age and grief" 
As the Demon slavered foetid vows 
And bore His prey away 
In talons itching to perpetrate 
The nausea of eternal rape 
The Sorceress screaming in His grasp 
Spat a final curse to stain 
The Countess with the promise 
That Her lord at war would be cruelly slain 
And She would rot. 
On the twisted nails of faith. 
Snuffed tapers sighed 
As Death left impressing 
His crest of cold tears on the Countess 
Benighted like ill-fated Usher 
The House of Bathory shrouded 
'Neath griefs dark facade 
If only I could have wept 
In mourning by Her side 
I would have clasped Her so tight 
Like storm-beached Aphrodite 
Drowned on Kytherean tides 
And Kissed Her 
For from Her alone 
My lips would have known 
Enigmas of shadowy vistas 
Where pleasures took flesh 
And pain, remorseless 
Came freezing the breath 
Of raucous life hushed unto whispers 
Inhaling the pale waning moonlight that crept 
Through the crypt of Her Lord who so lucidly slept 
Exhaling the wail of black widowhood's toll 
Waxing eternal night entered Her soul 
Now haranguing grey skies 
With revenge upon life 
Gnathic and Sapphic 
Needs begged gendercide 
Delusions of Grandier denounced the revolt 
Of descrying cursed glass, disenchanted in vaults 
Encircled by glyphs midst Her sin-sistered cult 
With hangman's abandon She plied spiritworlds 
To Archangels in bondage 
From light to night hurled 
Cast down to the earth where torment would unfurl....... 
But soon, 
Her tarot proved 
Hybrid rumours spread like tumours 
Would accrue 
And blight Her stars 
To better bitter truths 
Of cold bloodbaths 
As bodies rose 
In rigid droves 
To haunt Her from their 
Shallow burials imposed 
When wolves exhumed 
Their carthen wombs 
Where heavy frosts had laboured long 
To bare their wounds 
To the depths of Her soul they pursued 
Wielding their poison they flew 
Like a murder of ravens in fugue 
And knowing their raptures 
Would shatter Her dreams 
She clawed blackened books for damnation's reprieve 
Baneful cawed canons on amassed enemies 
So Hallow's Eve 
As She received 
Like Bellona to the ball 
Those enemies 
Fell-sisters heaved 
Her torturies 
Cross stained flagstones 
To Her carriage reined to flee 
But She knew She must brave the night through 
Though fear crept a deathshead o'er the moon 
Like a murder of ravens in Fugue 
For each masked, jewelled gaze held dread purpose 
Horror froze painted eyes to cold stares 
And even Her dance 
In the vast mirrors cast 
Looked the ill of Her future 
If fate feasted there.... 
In an age crucified by the nails of faith 
When rank scarecrows of christ blighted lands 
An aloof Countess born an obsidian wraith 
Dared the abyss knowing well She was damned 
Her life whispered grief like a funeral march 
Twisted and yearning, obsessed an entranced 
With those succumbing to cruelty 
Crushed 'neath the gait of Her dance 
A whirlwind of fire that swept through the briers 
Of sweet rose Her thickets of black thorn had grasped.... 
She demanded the Heavens and forever to glean 
The elixir of Youth from the pure 
Whilst Her lesbian fantasies 
Reamed to extremes 
O'er decades unleashed 
Came for blood's silken cure 
But Her reign ended swiftly 
For Dark Gods dreamt too deep 
To heed Her pleas 
When Her gaolers were assailed 
With condemnations from a priest 
Who'd stammered rites 
In the dead of night 
For maidens staining winding sheets 
And She postured proud 
When Her crimes were trowelled 
And jezebelled to peasant lips 
Though She smelt the fires 
That licked limbs higher 
To the tortured cunts of accomplices 
So ends this twisted fable's worth 
And though spared the pyre's bite 
By dint of nobled bloodlined birth 
Her sins [crimes] garnered Her no respite 
Forever severed from the thrill of coming night 
Where slow Death alone could grant Her flight 
"The Spirits have all but fled judgement 
I rot, alone, insane, 
Where the forest whispers puce laments for me 
From amidst the pine and wreathed wolfsbane 
Beyond these walls, wherein condemned 
To the gloom of an austere tomb 
I pace with feral madness sent 
Through the pale beams of a guiltless moon 
Who, bereft of necrologies, thus 
Commands creation over the earth 
Whilst I resign my lips to death 
A slow cold kiss that chides rebirth 
Though one last wish is bequathed by fate 
My beauty shalt wilt, unseen 
Save for twin black eyes that shalt come to take 
My soul to peace or Hell for company" 
My soul to Hell for company 
An Archangel in bondage 
Bediademed, souled 
With a murder of ravens 
But no less Astarte to behold 
Abandoned by Heaven 
To the dead, dark and past 
Cast Her dispersions 
On life's brittle glass 
And though Her eyes still held fire 
As stonewalls caged the beast 
'Gainst the lassitudes of Death 
She fought but fell to greet 
And midst lies in collusion 
She was martyred to teach 
That "Divinity and Lust 
Are forever forbidden to meet" 
But I swore that they would 
Before the veil could part our embrace 
Twixt Her cold, silent hips I kissed 
And promised Christendom in flames 
Gravid with madness 
Like a feculent dirge 
That obsesses the heart 
I am covened by words 
To avenge Her 
Ebon splendour 
And surrender 
My soul to the dead to achieve 
Prophecies of libidinous scourge 
Horripilation braying o'er carious herds 
Vexing nightmares 
And their weak prayers 
To a no one there 
To hinder Her decree 
To weed the world of their disease 
As shadows unblind mine eyes to see 
The meat that is their congregation 
How they plead to the skies 
But this is mere foreplay to war 
Scar-riddled saffron eves bleed like the conjugal 
Vestal daughters giving throat to the priest 
A psychophant, the despoiler of faith 
Now His skinless crucifixion feeds a winged diocese 
For Her interred 
I tore a battle banner from His hide 
Splashed in red goetia 
Hues of Hell and deicide 
So came the night 
Its obsidian light 
Is a master whom disasters 
Suck upon like concubines 
And under black skirts 
That whisper of delight 
Darkseeds near fruition 
Darked deeds to marry mine 
"In Death's bed I have lain 
Paying lip-service to shame 
But for dreaming of thee I regain 
A reason to seek life again" 
Then we smite the divine 
For our true nature is sin 
To strip tender flesh from these swine 
Like the lick of carnivorous winds 
The breath of the storm that begins 
By forcing its Herod tongue in 
The womb of the holy virgin 
To taste of immaculate sin 
From temptation's peak we will see 
The world unfurled at last 
Now the wolves of time who stalk Mankind 
Shall be as one in grim repast 
Commemorating sickle moons 
The pack are poised to reap 
A scythe of white roses in bloom 
Whose twisted thorns will keep 
A crown upon a dead man 
Daylights crucified in sleep 
And lives that hide in scriptured lies 
To the memories of a scream 
And we shall dance amid the ruin 
As Adam and Evil 
Dizzy at the falling stars 
That burn fiercer in throes of upheaval 
If all must we damn for this moment 
Then it shall be so 
For our souls have crossed oceans of time 
To clasp one another more tightly 
Than Death could alone........ 
As Zyklon beats reign to make carrion crawl 
The talons of lust rake a clarion call 
To the lick of carnivorous winds 
The lick of carnivorous winds 
De l'album "From the cradle to enslave" 
From The Cradle To Enslave  
Two thousand fattened years like maniacs  
Have despoiled our common grave  
Now what necrophagous Second Coming backs  
From the cradle to enslave  
Sickle constellations  
Stud the belts that welt the sky  
Whilst bitter winter moon  
Prowls the clouds, dead eyed  
Like shifting parent flesh  
Under silk matricide...  
Watchful as she was upon Eden  
Where every rose arbour and orchard she wept  
Hid the hissing of a serpent libido  
In an ancient tryst with catastrophe  
Soon to be kept  
Hear the hissing now on the breeze  
As through the plundered groves of the carnal garden  
A fresh horror blows  
But ten billion souls  
Are blind to see the rotting wood for the trees  
This is the theme to a better Armageddon  
Nightchords rake the heavens  
And what use are prayers to that "god"  
As devils bay concensus for the space to piss  
On your smouldering faith  
And the mouldering face  
Of this world long a paradise lost  
This is the end of everything  
Hear the growing chora that the new dawn shall bring  
Danse macabre 'neath the tilt of the zodiac  
Now brighter stars shall reflect on our fate  
What sick nativities will be freed when those lights turn black?  
The darkside of the mirror always threw our malice back...  
I see the serpentine in your eyes  
The nature of the beast as revelations arrive  
Our screams shall trail to Angels  
For those damned in flames repay  
All sinners lose their lot on Judgement Day  
We should have cut our losses at Calvary  
But our hearts like heavy crosses held the vain belief  
Salvation, like a promised nation  
Gleamed a claim away...  
This is the end of everything you have ever known  
Buried like vanquished reason  
Death in season  
Driven like the drifting snow  
Peace, a fragile lover, left us fantasising war  
On our knees or another fucker's shore  
Heiling new flesh  
read, the roared  
To a crooked cross and a Holy cause  
What else be whipped to frenzy for?  
This is the end of everything  
Rear the tragedies  
That the Seraphim shall sing  
Old adversaries  
Next of Eve  
Now they're clawing back  
I smell their cumming  
As through webbed panes of meat  
Led by hoary Death  
They never left  
Dreaming sodomies  
To impress on human failure  
When we've bled upon our knees  
Tablatures of gravel law  
Shall see Ghehennah paved  
When empires fall  
And nightmares crawl  
From the cradle to enslaved...  
This is the end of everything  
Of Dark Blood And Fucking  
Sister midnight comes blaspheming  
Screaming in the keys of faith and fear  
Unentwining our spines twists me to kneeling...  
Spilling like the moonlight on her glistening rear  
Defiled at heart  
In this perfect hell 
Under red leaves bleeding  
Over sealed chateau we fell  
To demonocracy  
Where neither Adam or Eve  
Conceived of such iniquities  
From pleasure or pain  
Or razor's edge inbetween  
Thou art my seventh heaven burning  
Going down as with the sun...  
Writhing like a river  
Fluid moves a torrent  
Bound to please  
On denierred knees  
In any wicked way  
That her whims may warrant  
I hang on every verb  
Every dirty word  
In her pornoglossa...  
Christlike, whipped and weak  
Painted nails driven through the meek  
Yet in obituary  
My dreams still weep  
Of dark blood and fucking thee  
Thou art my seventh heaven burning  
Going down as with the day  
Baring lunar curvature  
Like canvas for a lick of pain  
Writhing like a viper  
Deep inside her Eden  
Forbidden to eat  
I kiss leylines to her feet  
Then baiting wrath  
I steal a path  
Back to the fruits of her womb  
Back to the crack of her tomb...  
Her roseate sliver  
Quivers with snuff appeal  
The torque of her hips  
Lip-syncs me in for the kill  
Tongue-tied, tightroped and spread like disease  
I drain the cup of this Miss Sire  
Her waters into wine for me  
Thou art my seventh angel squirming  
'Neath the forked tongue of the beast  
Arching towards the fabled  
Like a sculpured nymph seeking base relief  
Whilst the world outside  
(A wood of suicide)  
Would die for this release  
Our slow orgasmic fuses greet...  
By night and by candle  
At each other's throats  
In a slick drift of red  
Setting god's teeth on edge  
We were as wolves preying inside the fold  
Of a slaughtered lamb throw  
On a four poster bed...  
Succulent, Succubus  
Laid without rest  
In the dead of the night  
Succulent, Succubus  
In thy arms  
And thy wetness  
On glossed lips I taste  
Conspiracies, Secrecies, sorceries laced  
With unguent rum  
Black-rayed suns and Autumn  
Always in season for our nightfall from grace  
Gorge upon my seed  
Starved Persephone  
Succulent, Succubus, Succour me  
That I might keep  
Thee with me in Hades  
Succulent, Succubus, Succour me  
Death Comes Ripping (The Misfits)  
Turn the lights down low  
And bolt the door up  
Future is coming  
Future rising up  
Shotgun blast, a demon piece of lead  
With both eyes open  
I wait up for the kill  
Feel the evil  
Feel the heat as I blast you open  
Death comes ripping  
And it's going, death comes ripping  
You feel the heat as death comes ripping  
Rip your back out  
And death comes ripping out  
Flesh and blood  
Too weak for you  
Turning it over  
A little too late to penetrate  
Death comes ripping  
And it's going, death comes ripping  
You feel the heat as death comes ripping  
Rip your back out  
Death comes ripping  
And it's going, death comes ripping  
You feel the heat as death comes ripping  
Rip your back out  
Death comes ripping  
And I know that death comes ripping out  
Sleepless (Anathema)  
And I often sigh  
I often wonder why  
I'm still here and I still cry  
And I often cry  
I often spill a tear  
Over those not here  
But still they are so near  
Please ease my burden  
And I still remember  
A memory and I weep  
In my broken sleep  
The scars they cut so deep  
Please ease my burden  
Please ease my pain  
Surely without war there would be no loss  
Hence no mourning, no grief, no pain, no misery  
No sleepless nights missing the dead ... Oh, no more  
No more war  
Funeral in Carpathia (Be quick or be dead version)  
Candelabra snuffed prey - silhouette wedded  
Nightfall take my hand  
Seduce me with silky timbred limbs  
Grant me thy dark command  
Over the peaks framing tapestries  
Of thick forest, dusk has filled  
With Lucifugous kisses enwreathed in mist  
Creeping like violations from the shadows  
to kill  
is my love in vein  
When thy tears bleed sweeter  
Thank the midsummer rain?  
Bewinged, infested belfries  
Toll o'er the sobbing throng  
A writhe of lethargic, terrored nudes  
Whipped and welted neath the barbed windsong....  
(in saddean paradise  
Ancestral legacies linger on....)  
I am He  
The crowned and conquering darkness  
Satan robed in ecumenical filth  
Livid Bacchus sustained by bridal echelons of sylph  
This wintry eve when the snow glistens deep  
And sharpened turrets wed the jewelless skies  
I shrug off the shroud of preternatural sleep  
Enbroided by these words Malaresia scribed....  
"Beauty slept and angels wept  
For Her immortal soul  
In this response, all evil chose  
To claim her for their very own"  
The pleasured dead speak of her  
In necromantic tongue  
When ambered daylights are done  
Masterbating in their graves  
On her zenith to come....  
This catafalque night when awed stars report  
Their absence from the heavenly brow  
Crippled seraph shalt cower in illustrious courts  
Whilsts the cloaked maelstrom resounds throughout  
"How the storm it fulfills  
My heart though unhealed  
Celestial knifes ebonied  
And wild woods thrill  
Yet far fiercer still  
Her lustre eviscerates me"  
Priapic lovers twist in concert with Her  
Covenants are struck, jagged lightning fellates  
The path towards the castle weary innocence takes  
I rule as Master here  
Where feral hordes impart my temper  
Love sank wounded when I, betrayed  
saw death etch cruelly, upon my lineage  
"Usher the spite seething Draconist  
And commit this world to thy ancient  
Erunescent veil descend  
Psalmed sunset thus portends  
And laid to rest, I now am blessed  
With this darkness.... Forever more  
Supreme Vampiric Evil 
De l'album "Midian " 
Spatter the stars 
Douse their luminosity 
With our amniotic retch 
Promulgating the birth 
Of another Hell on Earth 
Shadows gather poisoned henna for the flesh 
A necrotic cattle brand 
The hissing downfall pentagram 
Carven deep upon the church doors of the damned 
But no Passover is planned 
A great renewal growls at hand 
And only when they're running 
Will they come to understand... 
So ends the pitiful reign of Man 
When the moon exhales 
Behind a veil 
Of widowhood and clouds 
On a Biblical scale 
We raise the stakes 
To silhouette the impaled 
Within this kissed disembowel arena 
A broken seal on an ancient curse 
Unleashes beasts from the seismic breach 
With lightning reach and genocidal thirst 
Mountains of archaos theories 
In collision as at planetary dawn 
Apocalypse's razorbacks 
Beat wings on glass as thunder cracks 
Unfurled across a world hurled to the black 
Cthulhu dawn 
Shatter the glass house 
Wherein spirits breathe out 
Halitosis of the soul 
From a recking abscess 
Plague of far righteousness 
All fates hang in the balance 
Mocking crucified dolls 
An inquisition outs 
When the Sun goes out our powers 
Will extend throughout Heaven like Asphodel 
As they have for countless lustrum 
In dark Midian accustoned 
To burning effigies of our enemies well 
So begins the sibilant world Death knell... 
When a corpse wind howls 
And awakes from drowse 
The scheming dead freed 
Of gossamer shrouds 
We gorgonise eyes 
Of the storm aroused 
Blinding time 
All lines dine on this instance 
A melting spool of beggar, negative frames 
The skies teem alive, to watch die 
Mankind hauled to fable in vast tenement graves... 
Cthulhu dawn 
Through arcades where shimmering snowfall 
Lay in state with the sad and damned 
A rent lament barely flung above a whisper 
Drew Me like a ghost to the haunts of Man 
I Found Her tempting fate between Her wrist and razor 
A kindred spirit in a graveyard 
Beneath the stature of a colder saviour 
Mist hung like thieves wreathed in scant arabesques 
And through the chill earth it bedwed Her drawling breast 
Like a come dream true under etched glass spent 
Making love to the beautiful dead 
She has sinned and severed Heaven 
And in it's vulgar sight 
Two figures writhe, but one silhouette 
Extends it's fingers to the light 
"Gothic towers tottered on Her heels 
As She fled asylum grounds 
Committing hard crimes to soft cells 
Where now another's screams resound" 
From the gaspings in Her passing 
Six feet under or beneath frayed gown 
When Her hands pointed to midnight 
In a white stained chamber bound 
I Swept Her from the abyss of another dementia 
Freeing Her soul from the fetters of fate 
To take the reins of pleasure 
Now nightwane mirrors freeze in seizure 
At the glimpse of charmed pins in Her thighs 
Ballrooms filled with black cats scratch 
Out of spite and playful eyes 
Pricked as a Witch Her stitches itch 
For familiar lips to lick them dry 
Whilst the dark regrasps, for if She asks 
The Sun forsakes the rite to rise 
And is the first to discern, that this Angel's return 
Is a vengefull call on grace 
For even martyrdom backs from it's suicide pacts 
A leap of twisted fate betrayed... 
The scars will last until the stars 
Caught in Her train bewitched 
Fall into line and yeild the sign 
That Dawn in born to their eclipse 
For Our In humankind 
Comes an underdog day Sunrise 
Rippling with fire llike femaledition 
Iplintered Her coffin and lay on the floor 
Of a vault with Her clasped as the moon hugs the shore 
What treachery this that She breathed no more? 
Christ you bastard! 
I wished Her back but the dead adored Her 
Even wild winds sang in chora for Her 
Saffron from my heart, from the start I swore 
We'd be together more... 
Creation froze with the triumph of Death 
But still She stirred and awoke bereft 
Of concern save for the aeons left 
To lead the darkness... 
She schemes of growing power and the lengths sucked hard to get it 
I dream of being God but ever living to regret it 
Our fecund nature decrees that Jesus wept come for 
The Devil on Her knees 
To grant Her lows a remedy 
And mine desire's wish 
To taste thereof of Heaven's scent 
As sick and twisted as it is 
For Her corset laced with arsenic 
Hides snake curves within Her midst 
Whilst Her halo of white lies supplies 
Her temple to what God forbids. 
Come distortured artists 
Bitter things seek meaning 
Even if they're madness to behold 
Once forbears to horizons 
Where the dead stayed dreaming 
Now nightmares waken souls 
That fear the living's toll 
Gova, Bosch and Brueghel 
Three times moonwise stain thy graves 
For words alone are at loss to trace 
The face of today's inhuman wraith 
One half adrift in the vast abyss 
Of despair and misery 
The other a mask of rich red lips 
Whetted by the fevers of belief and greed 
All damned in this inferno 
Where even Virgil averts His eyes 
From the black mass mutual gang rape 
Of Caesing hands an forced divides 
Trespass these seven gates 
To a world bloodlet to shades 
Where Seraphim 
(Falling on deaf ears) bleat 
Of their cold and coming Master's race 
In the seweres of Babylon 
Stillborn to a trough anon 
Chimiracles will hatch like plots 
To dredge faeces to pearl their cross 
Enter Penteholocaust! 
Five Aeons past, yet still Man grasps 
At final straws to save his cast 
His Lord is a leper we shall not want 
He betrayed us with white lies 
His acrid pall as of the tomb 
Reminds us how we rot inside 
Gutted like fool's paradise 
Glutted on cruel appetites... 
Holding court to chaos 
Folding to far graver arms 
A downfall fatal to all resounds 
As orgies peak in self centred psalms 
And Nature screams Her sufferings 
Under bowed and cankered wings 
A bleak scorched Earth necrotica burning 
Like the robes we've torn from Her 
She begs Us lay Her pain to rest 
Lest We are left with nothingness 
Save for Her stripped and ravished flesh 
And if Her fate is not portent of Apocalypse 
Then the comets that graxe nightskies 
Will surely cleanse of wrongs and reichs 
When you and I and all else dies... 
It's rotting down 
This carcass Maggotropolis 
Interdependent as worms to the grave 
Allah's true name is naught 
Chist acannot save 
Locked in a waltz of evermore frantic steps 
Spells of regret... 
Death Magick for Adepts 
Be prepared to fulfill prophecies 
The glorious fall of a sin dynasty 
Gutted like fool's paradise 
Glutted on cruel appeitites... 
"We've woven hearts a thorn arbour 
Left tear streaked reason upon the shore 
And bereft of compass, star or more 
Set out for this World's end 
Few at the prow, most slave below 
Painting coal a perfect gold 
But for all it's worth, the engines slow 
Dead in the brine again 
Come cabin fever, sodomy on the bounty 
Prey to phallus seas 
That hiss and foam to douse disease 
A storm roars on the way 
Blacker than the Ace of Rapes 
Dealt out by Death in darkwood glades 
Our Ship of Fools, all boards handmade 
Sinks, dashed by seismic waves..." 
I was born with a birthmark of cinders 
Debris cast from the stars and Mother 
A ring of bright slaughter, I spat in the waters 
Of life that ran slick from the stabwounds in Her 
Dub Me Lord Abortion, the living dead 
The bonesaw on the backseat 
On this bitter night of giving head 
A sharp rear entry, an exit in red 
Lump in the throat, on my come choke 
The killing joke worn thin with breath 
I grew up on the sluts bastard Father beat blue 
Keepsake cunts cut full out easing puberty through 
Aah! Nostalgia grows 
Now times nine or ten 
Within this vice den called a soul 
Dying resurrection 
I dig deep to come again 
The spasm of orgasm on a roll... 
I live the slow serrated rape 
The bucks fizz of amyl nitrate 
Victims force fed thair own face 
Tear stains upon the drape 
I should compare them 
To a warm Summer's day 
But to the letter, it is better 
To lichen their names to a grave 
Counting My years on an abacus strung 
With labial rings and heartstrings undone 
Dub Me Lord Abortion, the living dead 
The bonesaw on the backseat 
On this bitter night of giving head 
A sharp rear entry, an exit in red 
Lump in the throat, on My come choke 
The killing joke worn thin with breath 
Horrorscopes My diorama 
A twelve part (so far) psychodrama 
Another chained I mean to harm Her 
Inside as well as out 
A perverts gasp inside the mask 
I'm hard, blow My house of cards 
All turn up Death, Her bleeding starts 
In brute vermillion parts... 
Now I slither through the hairline cracks 
In sanity, best watch your back 
Possessed with levering Hell's gates wide 
Liberating knives to cut Humanity slack 
My ambition is to slay anon 
A sinner in the hands of a dirty God 
Who lets Me prey, a Gilles De Rais 
Of light where faith leads truth astray 
I slit guts guts and free the moistest facces 
Corrupt the corpse and seize the choicest pieces 
Her alabaster limbs that dim the lit carnal grin 
Vaginal skin to later taste and masturbate within 
"My heart was a wardrum beat 
By jugular cults in eerie jungle vaults 
When number thirteen fell in My lap 
Lips and skin like sin, a Venus Mantrap 
My appetite whetted, storm crows wheeled 
At the blurred edges or reason 'til I was fulfilled 
Whors d'oeuvres eaten, I tucked Her into 
A grave coffin fit for the Queen of Spades 
She went out like the light in My mind 
Her face an avalanche of pearl, of ruby wine... 
Much was a flux, but the mouth once good for fucks 
Came from retirement to prove She had not lost Her touch 
I kissed Her viciously, maliciously, religiously 
But when has ONE been able TO best seperate the THREE? 
I know I'm sick as Dahmer did, but this is what I do 
Aah, aah, ahh, I'll let you sleep when I am through..." 
The suspect shadow sher they least 
Expect My burning grasp to reach 
The stranglehold, the opened arms 
Seeking sweet meat with no holes barred 
Rainbows that My razors wrung 
Midst Her screams and seams undone 
Sung at the top of punctured lungs 
I bite My spiteful tongue 
Lest curses spat from primal lairs 
Freeze romance where Angels, bare 
Are lost to love, bloodloss, despair 
I weep, they merely stare... 
And stare, and stare, and stare, and stare. 
Her bouquets are wilted 
Too long has She slept 
Their cruel red mouths darkened 
To bowed silhouettes 
I saw in a new moon 
With Her scent on my breath 
But then all to soon 
Came the hunger for flesh 
I held Her in eyes like necropoli 
Laying Her on a tomb with a view 
Lighting Her from Her feet 
To the stars in Her hair 
Drove sweet blood to Her throat 
And My lips parted there 
(In the tone of splintered bone) 
She screams benighted 
My limbs ignite 
A carneal carnivore 
On all fours to go... 
An ebon Nemesis 
From torture gardens of Dis 
Having never breathed an Eve 
As far narcotic as this 
Two spellbound hellhounds 
Hearts pounding loud 
Racing Heaven out of focus 
Under quicksilver clouds 
"God is maimed come let us prey..." 
To lunar deities that pave deadways 
Twixt the living and the grave 
Amor e Morte 
To cast our fearl shadows there 
We made Love bleed on a Deathbed shared 
Where, begging Me to feed 
To best be Were... 
I licked Her wounds and ate Her rare 
Argentinum spurred 
her watnon words incurred 
A sin ridden tongue 
To open trading in fur 
Never were those gates of pearl 
So rubbed to their cusp 
Never were the Worlds above 
So bitten with the bestial... 
Seraphim fell like guillotines 
Giving gracious head 
Instead of harking prophecies 
And how our brother sang 
Amor e Morte 
In the thick evergreens 
Theirs was a chorus for raucous souls 
Shifting shape and lifting napes 
To commemorate 
Erotic stains 
Amor e Morte 
Unfasten thy masque 
Come skyclad to my arms 
Leave thy gown a dark pool at thy feet 
I yearn musky valleys that no Man hath seen 
The chill keen of stars 
Over Yew and deep wooded ravines 
A hidden meridian 
Where Midian may be... 
In black antlered glades 
Encunted in this forest Goddess 
She whispers My name 
I buck under flames 
Animal nitrates 
Howling through my veins 
I ride riptides that wrest and writhe to the fore 
New lusts ecllipsing lips 
That brought me to this verge of War 
With inner beasts unleashed 
To feast, fuck and run 
Rampart in chase of She wolf pacts 
Forged on heat with setting Suns 
I love the night 
It would murder My soul 
Should I ever fall blind 
For though thy flesh haunts 
I keep also in mind 
The stampede of clouds 
From Dusk's predatory sky 
Purple versed like the funeral hearse 
That first turned thee over to My... 
Unbridled kiss when I found thee in mist 
Dressed for the sepulchre 
My Demon bride... 
"God is maimed come let Us prey..." 
To Lunar Deities that pave deadways 
Twixt the living and the grave 
Amor e Morte 
Ours was a chorus for raucous souls 
Shifting sape and lifting nape 
To commemorate 
Erotic stains 
Amor e Morte 
Amor e Morte 
"The Moon, she hangs like a cruel portrait 
soft winds whisper the bidding of trees 
as this tragedy starts with a shattered glass heart 
and the Midnightmare trampling of dreams 
But on, no tears please 
Fear and pain may accompany Death 
But it is desire that shepherds it's certainty 
as We shall see..." 
She was divinity's creature 
That kissed in cold mirrors 
A Queen of Snos 
Far beyond compare 
Lips attuned to symmetry 
Sought Her everywhere 
Dark liqoured eyes 
An Arabian nightmare... 
She shone on watercolours 
Of my pondlife as pearl 
Until those who couldn't have Her 
Cut Her free of this World 
That fateful Eve when.. 
The trees stank of sunset and camphor 
Their lanterns chased phantoms and threw 
An imquisitive glance, like the shadows they cast 
On my love picking rue by the light of the moon 
Putting reason to flight 
Or to death as their way 
They crept through woods mesmerized 
By the taffeta Ley 
Of Her hips that held sway 
Over all they surveyed 
Save a mist on the rise 
(A deadly blessing to hide) 
Her ghost in the fog 
They raped left... 
(Five men of God) 
...Her ghost in the fog 
Dawn discovered Her there 
Beneath the Cedar's stare 
Silk dress torn, Her raven hair 
Flown to gown Her beauty bared 
Was starred with frost, I knew Her lost 
I wept 'til tears crept back to prayer 
She'd sworn Me vows in fragrant blood 
"Never to part 
Lest jealous Heaven stole our hearts" 
Then this I screamed: 
"Come back to Me 
I was born in love with thee 
So why should fate stand inbetween?" 
And as I drowned Her gentle curves 
With dreams unsaid and final words 
I espied a gleam trodden to earth 
The Church bell tower key... 
The village mourned her by the by 
For She'd been a witch 
their Men had longed to try 
And I broke under Christ seeking guilty signs 
My tortured soul on ice 
A Queen of snow 
Far beyond compare 
Lips attuned to symmetry 
Sought Her everywhere 
Trappistine eyes 
An Arabian nightmare... 
She was Ersulie possessed 
Of a milky white skin 
My porcelain Yin 
A graceful Angel of Sin 
And so for Her... 
The breeze stank of sunset and camphor 
My lantern chased Her phantom and blew 
Their Chapel ablaze and all locked in to a pain 
Best reserved for judgement that their bible construed... 
Putting reason to flight 
Or to flame unashamed 
I swept form cries 
By the taffeta Ley 
Or Her hips that held sway 
Over all those at bay 
Save a mist on the rise 
A final blessing to hide 
Her ghost in the fog 
And I embraced 
Where lovers rot... 
Her ghost in the fog 
Her ghost in the fog 
"Archangel, Dark Angel 
Lend me thy light 
Through Death's veil 
'Til we have Heaven in sight!" 
Biblical choirs soar beyond veiled light 
A swansong for ravens trapped flapping in night 
A tragic yet magickal fall from grace 
Too awful to taste for the led and the chaste 
Those whose long fetters are addressed to all saints 
Free shining souls torn from Giod's given Reich 
Defiled, reviled, exiled from sight 
And Hell knows we sought victory 
Chancing the leash 
But when bad die were cast 
We were cast down to die 
A steeple of needles thrust into our eyes 
So scholars might say we were blinded by pride 
Like the sin of Our Father (and the whims of our kind) 
Whom in Isaiah and Midian thrived 
Regaining His sights for the storming of skies... 
And after descenturies have crawled, vilified 
Our dark harkened day on spread wing now arrives 
For eternity is a coprophagic 
Backward figure head 
Gorging on Her own bitter end 
And We have eaten shit 
Until we're close to addicts 
Now grime is running out 
For us to make amends 
To retake what once was lost 
To exalt our throne above the stars of God 
"To throw our fuck into gates and guts 
Of a severed neverland 
Where we, the damned 
Once pleasured ran 
Like seamen from the phallus sea" 
Atrocious oceans must be crossed 
To exalt our throne above the stars of God 
The thirteenth sign of the Zodiac climbs 
Cowled and scythed to snuff the sunrise... 
Throwing shades of war before like prophecy 
Nightbreed freed from the vasty deep 
...Nasty reap of freaks forsaken 
And when sultry Dusk disrobes they'll learn 
She is not a natural blonde 
For the lower She goes the darker it grows 
An Eve that blows on Her knees for Satan 
Fellated Satan 
Screams congeal in clotted pearl 
As He unfurls from aching hibernation 
Stormbringer drums thunder to full Dis orchestra 
As lighting streaks with fire 
Black clouds that shroud the Earth 
Whose cold breasts have held us in scar pillories 
But now the Sun is loath to come 
The crescent moon is freed... 
Elated Satan 
The scimitar slash to the undergash 
Of Heaven too slight for penetration 
We strike as wolves from the thickening fog 
To exalt our throne ove the stars of God 
Lowly holy goats bare the brunt 
Of rabid dogmas on a stellar bearhunt 
Bastioned in citadels and monastic cells 
that smell of blessed cunt 
Like a convent where crosses rust 
From thirty dirty habits of shaved nun 
There where deeper needs are begged of lust 
And cess and less impress enough 
Obtaining the ord of Our Gaurdian, Anger 
And Death's tunnel vision 
Bad thing in collision 
The locking of eyes and jagged antler 
Unpicking the seams of fate sewn over dreams 
Feasting from throats of celestial theives 
And God knows we seek victory 
Now that we are unleashed 
To drive nails home of blind faith through those 
Who drove us from error to terror below 
Refugees clung to a crown furred in flies 
Tarred with red honey, the plaster 
Of many a spire that aspired to rise 
Seeking Messiahs that by us soon die... 
In the start like a cast 
In morality plays 
Our hearts wore a mask 
Of dead rooks in the rain 
The World was our cloister 
No prayer, bent in shame 
Our once lucent plumage 
Stung with horn withered grey... 
and away... 
As Aeons slew so we grew to myth 
Revenge accrued to a monolith 
Bursting through from our roofed abyss 
Like an aether greased fist 
Now vulvite gates are so sorely missed 
Our horror pours through the orifice 
Where once the spheres and archangels kissed 
Fellated Satan 
His coming assails 
The Night In Gales 
That bewail turned tides 
That engulf their nation 
Now divintity is a worm ridden mouth 
In a darkened high house 
Overrun by disease 
So let the truth be wrung 
That the Banished Ones intent 
On reinstatement have won 
We breathe by virtue of their rot 
Now our souls exult above the stars of God. 
"Oh, sweet Midian 
I burn for thee at heart 
Don't despair 
Come bare me on wings of graveyard robbed leather 
To where pleasure rings deep secrets 
In spurts after dark..." 
Under full moons waxing lyrically 
Death's poetry floods the soul 
Like the freezing seed of a demon freed 
To curse the stars with vertigo 
And in their dance, in trance I've prised wide 
Slick rifts twixt obsidian thighs 
Hymeneal gates to darker sides 
A glimpse of plinths where Midian lies 
Haunted by this portent 
This obsession in my mind 
With a city sunk below 
Tall cedar groves and graves sublime 
Sporting their importance 
Marble wings spread to the skies 
A vale of dreams that it would seem 
The daylights race to leave behind 
These visions struck like a furious fuck 
Nailing wet lips to cold cemetery walls 
Flashes of lust to dust 
Splashed across my psychic pall 
As hybrid lovers reached their cusp 
With final thrusts I saw it all 
Forbidden Midian 
A long fabled Judecca 
A sanctuary for sin... 
To rival Heaven 
Free of Eden's tragic wreck 
(Though the only Angels in repose 
Were those with ivy strangled necks) 
Small mercies in vistas of dolmen and vault 
Gaunt, haunched edifices 
Midst lightfingered mists 
From whence more awful shadows 
Drew back rusted bolts 
And dared a threshold 
The searing Sun had knelt to kiss 
Shades of dusk, cruelty and myth 
The Tribes of Christ will not forgive 
And shall not suffer their kind to live 
For I, mesmerized, started not from tombs 
Or their waltz so sibilant 
Through the gathering gloom 
But from flumes of the moon in bloom 
Baring cach a face effaced 
And raped in the womb 
In hidden Midian 
A vatican lying in state 
For the sanctity of sin... 
To rival Heaven 
Above Eden's birth defects 
Though the only Angels that arose 
Were those who fell to most requests 
Small mercies in vistas where dolmen and vault 
Caught twisted whispers where fisted sisters 
Haunched, flaunted orifice 
Midst lighter fingered mists 
Whilst I watched without revolt 
Carnalities few beasts permit 
Between the dog and wolf 
Bared fangs met in intercourse 
A nightly rite of teeth and cunt 
For those below who rose to hunt 
Sor sights that preyed on Me for days 
And in laudenum's haze 
I painted them all... 
The slew of sith and kin 
I drew in blood, my veins in thrall 
To Deathugees at peace within 
(An underworld free of Mortal rule) 
Crotesques and wolves in womens skins 
The raven winged and missing limbed 
Suicides and split thighed Seraphim 
And marble stairs 
Stargrazers dare 
Ascend like prayer 
(As smoke or ghost or lithe nightmares) 
Under fullmoons waxing lyrically 
Death's poetry floods the soul 
Like the recking weed of a demon freed 
To curse the star with vertigo 
And in their dance, in trance I prise wide 
Slick rifts twixt obsidian thighs 
Hymeneal gates to other sides 
A labyrinth wherein Midian hides 
I know I've seen 
Through the blackbacked mirrors in sanity 
Lucent prides amassed in last retreat 
Prurient souls but no more freaks 
Than those leashing dreams at harm's length from Me 
And just like grim ascension prophecies 
My revenge, carved deep, will be 
A grisly plot that reads 
Like my filthy white ward spattered with their screams 
When My Deviliverers come from fog for Me... 
Exhuming the moon 
Through the bars in My room 
The sooner the bitter pills swallowed are through... 
But no Genobites rise to claim Me for you 
No! No! No! 
Don't leave here in this storm weathered cell 
No! No! No! 
With prophets and losses 
And dead men from crosses 
My fate is a preview of derelict Hell 
De l'album "Bitter suites to succubi" 
A thousand nights once succoured Me  
In The shadow of Miss Anne Thropy-  
Sat gargoyle-limbed amid My licking flame  
A cruel tongue at work in Her secret vaults  
Sent Rebellion's embers into revolt  
The coming of extinction  
Synched to whimpers of my name ...  
Legion I arose, a flood of inhumanity  
An acid reign to purify the world  
The Asp at Pharaoh's breast  
The Atom split under duress  
A sniper at the gates of spattered pearl  
My heart, torn apart, left a rifled grave ...  
Save for an unfurled flag of hate  
To enthral a mindless zombie race  
All heil, all heil, all heil the serpentine's gift  
All heil, love fails, all hope lies in eclipse  
Black bibles I inscribed,  
The words "Damnation through design"  
Seemed a bitter truth far better for the lie  
For as hope was felled by reason  
Forlorn became the season  
And Death was swift to swallow on the heels of life  
Lowered souls, growing cold, tendered easy prey  
When heaven's flock, a fair game, dropped  
I bored of war with God with greater thrones to  
All heil, all heil, all heil the Libertine's wish  
All heil, love fails, all hope lies in eclipse  
(There was not a prayer left in this wretched world)  
Then between the past and the ravening dark  
A sly Messiah came  
In the thick of treaty with obligatory greed  
She stole the soul hate had sold away  
An ancient chill blew down the centuries  
That night atonement's eyes  
Lit a burning man in Me  
When Love lay bleeding  
And Fates sate feeding  
From wounds gored 'neath  
Those cherubic wings  
She of kindred light  
Gladly sacrificed  
Just to be  
With Me  
As the moon whose silvered fingers play  
On words and dreams too cursed for day  
She led My hand to lands I'd not accrued  
Where the Faun Dawn bathed Her golden hair  
And faith renewed, leapt joyous there  
I praised their worth, then planned their conquest  
All heil, all heil, all heil the serpentine's gift  
All heil, love fails, all hope lies in eclipse  
All heil, all heil, all heil the Libertine's wish  
All heil, love fails, all hope lies in eclipse  
... and ignorance is truly bliss.  
Sibilant and macabre  
Walpurgis sauntered in  
Skies litten with five-pointed stars  
The work of crafts surpassing sin  
As She graced Her window ledge  
- An orphaned gypsy nymph  
This issue of the forest's bed  
Skin flushed with sipped absinthe -  
Her eyes revealed, as Brocken's peak  
Tried once concealing Hell  
A snow white line of divine freaks  
In riot, where they fell ...  
The circus lurches in, a ring of promised delight  
For seven days and seven festival nights  
What wicked wonders lie within the confines  
Of the panther's den  
She watches from a maypole, on the tip of Her tongue  
The restless spirit of a Christmas to come  
A Gretel sick of merely sucking Her thumb  
Than gingerbread men  
Spawned scorned, abhorred by the aerial  
She was the light of the world going down  
War-torn, forlorn and malarial  
She was found  
Born in a burial gown  
Unloosed, the chain of Her god-given cross  
Seduced, now pagan ribbons swathe Her repose  
In a carnival of souls sold and similarly lost  
Too many decades misfit and mislaid  
In innocence, a tender legend of prey  
Parades Her second coming, now they're running  
Spawned scorned, abhorred by the aerial  
She was the light of the world going down  
War-torn, forlorn and malarial  
She was found  
Born in a burial gown  
Now She moves with a predator's guile  
Beyond the firelit circle of life  
She soothes your cold heart for a while  
Then matches its beat, synching in with a knife  
She wrestles Her dreams with a delicate ease  
Espied by Her cross on the wall  
And should She awake, through embrace or mistake  
She would take Jesus  
Blest foot forward and all ...  
Sibilant and at last  
The circus crawled away  
With another lover in its arms  
Dancing on Her grave ...  
Through acrid clouds of summer flies  
the garden swells with a thousand more wise  
Forever flung to celestial dreams  
clawing at the grave of the dead nazarene  
I watch the storm approaching  
the darkness calls my name  
the trees are growing restless  
they feel the season change  
their fruit has putrified  
forbidden once and bound to die  
the thread of life lies severed  
on the brink of paradise  
Grinning winds of hate unfurled  
dash towers tall that grip the sun  
talons stretch her veil  
reclamation, our time has come...  
Autumn spreads its golden wings  
and lays the path for those unseen  
a tangled web of evil spun at last...  
Winter spawn from barren thighs  
to readdress, to slay the blind  
and throw the reins untethered to the skies  
They pray to the full moon rising  
Diana moving with such infinite grace  
wrapped alone in a blanket of nightfall  
how many secrets can they read by your face?  
Will they know of majesty  
of beauty held in dream-dead sleep  
and scarlet seas that bleed the frozen shores?  
Will their "god" of bridled love  
assuage our rule from planes above  
or shrink in fear from Chaos roused for war?  
Wrest askew the nails  
that have held you, lurking deep  
September prayers are waning  
burn the shrines of fettered sheep  
Spearhead the insurrection  
of a world that seeks no end  
"We are what we are, what we shall be, again..."  
Appear; draped in terror  
to the comfort of your kin  
Stain the milky sunset red  
and let the other in...  
Summer's dying...  
It's just a feeling  
I get sometimes  
A feeling  
And I get frightened  
Just like you  
I get frightened too  
but it's...  
(no no no) No time for heartache  
(no no no) No time to run and hide  
(no no no) No time for breaking down  
(no no no) No time to cry  
Sometimes in the world as is you've  
Got to shake the hand that feeds you  
It's just like Adam says  
It's not so hard to understand  
It's just like always coming down on  
Just like Jesus never came and  
What did you expect to find  
It's just like always here again it's...  
Everything will be alright  
Everything will turn out fine  
Some nights I still can't sleep  
And the voices pass with time  
And I keep  
No time for tears  
No time to run and hide  
No time to be afraid of fear  
I keep no time to cry  
From the primeval mass  
let precious chaos vent  
Sacred flesh drenched in fornication  
beloved of Set  
may the winds gather her together  
from the secrets of men  
after thousands of years of terrifying silence  
she comes again  
(All Destroyer)  
The abolition of the yeshua begins...  
Shattered are the icons of the worthless  
the Goddess scorned is a Valkyrie born  
scattered are the wings of the virulent holy  
leave their husks to be the prey of vultures and dogs  
World without end  
cherish the lissome wants of pernicious evil  
dusk in her eyes  
torn bloody weeping skies  
darkness will hasten to devour  
and the weak will flee or die  
Sie sind es die sich  
anderlieb festhalten  
fuer immer betend auf knien  
vor der (finisteren) goetten  
I slay the lamb in the fervour of thine  
Abandonment unto Our Lady  
With a quenchless thirst for the infinite  
For Her that exists beyond all knowledge  
Storming from tired centuries  
Under the glare of a waxing death-moon  
Terrible beauty of love severed  
Rip the baby from the virginal womb  
The blood of Jesus  
Is the wine of the dead  
And the drunken angels  
Bleed with incest  
The Liliot suckle on Her fruitful breasts  
And yield the swords that sever and stain  
There will be no act or passion wrought  
That shall not be attributed to Her names  
To the name of Baphomet:  
Artemis, Bastet, Astarte  
I yearn to thee who art darkness in thy rising  
I pace, alone  
In a place for the dead  
Overcome by woe  
And there, I've grown  
So fond of dread  
That I swear it's heaven  
Oh sweet Mary,  
Dressed in grief  
Roll back the stone  
With these words scrawled in a severed hand  
Tears fall like shards of glass that band  
In rivers, like sinners  
swept with me to join the damned  
A darkened sky  
The Day that laughter died  
Fell swiftly into night  
And stayed within Her sight  
Staring at the knife  
Oh God, how easy now to sacrifice  
My life, to have Her with me  
So farewell to distant thunder  
Those inept stars I've worshipped under  
Fall farther, their Father  
Lies in wait in flames below  
Whilst my love, a blood red flower  
Calls to me from verdant bowers  
Graveside, I cry  
Please save me from this Hell I know  
A darkened sky  
The day that laughter died  
Fell swiftly into night  
And stayed within Her sight  
Staring at the knife  
Oh God, how easy now to sacrifice  
My life, to have Her with me  
An eye for an eye as espied in the bible  
My faith is lost to the burning of idols  
One less cross to press upon the survival  
Of this lorded agony  
And I, (much as I have tried  
To bury Her from mind,  
Fate's tourniquet was tied, when She died ...)  
Still sense Her presence so divine  
Lithe arms about my throat  
Like pining swans entwined  
Footfalls at nightfall close to mine  
Suicide is a tried and tested formula for release  
I snatch Her whisper like the wind through cedars  
See Her face in every natural feature  
Midst the mist and sleepy hollows of fever ...  
With glee deceiving me  
Suicide is a tried and tested formula for release  
I hear Her voice from where the grave defies Her  
Sirensong to sing along, no finer  
Suicide notes, harmonised in a minor  
Strike a chord with misery  
No light nor reef  
No unsinkable of romance keeps me  
Safely from the stormy seas  
Now drowning, resounding  
Death-knells pound my dreams  
Unthinkable to dredge through this  
Listless and lonely winter frieze  
A darkened sky  
This day hereafter dies  
Falls swiftly into night  
And stays within my sight  
Staring at the knife  
Oh God, what ease it was to sacrifice  
My life, to have Her with me  
No more a victim of crusade  
Where souls are strung from moral palisades  
I slit my wrists and quickly slip away ...  
I journey now on jewelled sands  
Beneath a moon to Summerlands  
To grace Her lips with contraband  
The blaze once in my veins  
Thee I invoke, bornless one  
all woman, pure predator  
wherein conspiracy and impulse dwell  
like a seething fall from grace  
Thee I worship...  
Thou art darkest Gabrielle  
no church shall bar our path  
seductive Evil drink your fill  
of the bleeding christ in your arms  
You are in my dreams  
the darkness in my eyes  
the rapture in my screams  
Black Goddess arise  
Nothing will keep us apart  
we could kill them all  
if our desire tore free  
Our union is one, sweet, sinful Eve  
And the night draws in beside her  
as we embrace the dark side by side  
I pour my soul to those eyes full of fire  
to harvest the seed ploughed inside her  
Archangel, snare the flesh  
suck dry the ebbing wound  
leave them lifeless and broken  
my beloved...  
Oh, how I craved for you  
You so pure and other-worldly with your scent of Winter  
am I to bleed myself dry to see your delight?  
And the fear retreats forever  
(come to me...Black Goddess arise)  
when my secrets are buried in thine  
(come to me...Black Goddess arise)  
under seven stars we came together  
(come to me...Black Goddess arise)  
to plot the new age's decline  
(come to me...ARISE!)  
Ishtar my Queen  
come forth to me  
and help me seize  
my future from the House of Death  
That in the release of immortality  
I should slay their fucking nazarene  
Ah...the lies...the jew...I kill for you  
Hidden lusts will break the gates and swarm  
as love secretes the thrill for war  
the virgin raped shall seek to whore  
She-wolf bare your snarling jaw  
Sunset, expect  
This to be your last with Our vast return  
As Death is set  
At three sixes where hill-beacons burn  
Darkness, undress  
Your descending skirts yield a thirsting altar  
Blood-red, yet still unfed  
Lips distend ending time to falter  
Welcome arms wide and crucified ...  
the slaughter  
Lightning freezes seven  
Outtakes from the rape of the world  
Sins expelled from Heaven  
Now befoul from the bowels of Hell  
Where the tragic in theory and practice fell  
Last prayers, hang in the air  
Each unto their own rag and bonemeal saviours  
Strung where crippled vultures dare  
Coughs another cross to grave God's faillure  
Once the the forests spired  
Nurtured in Nature's heart  
Now great cedars feed the pyres  
Need-fires lit for greater harm  
As Her children toy with razors  
Slightless and deeply scarred  
And the moon arose to phase Her  
Cracks a grin so wide it hides the stars  
And lights Our path  
Back through the shattered glass  
(We come like drumming thunder  
Tides enwreathed in scum and plunder  
Kraken-teethed to tear asunder  
All those too blind to see ...)  
Where the tragic in theory and pratice meet  
Deranged, uncaged  
We rage like a plague through this age of greed  
Sowers of discord, growing wars to reap  
A terrible crop to beat a vicious retreat  
Scorched Earth, rebirth  
Disintered in the writhe of the lone survivor  
Whose worth is worse than the curse  
Of Sardonicus choking on his own saliva  
Who shares the last laugh now  
Dead wedded fates fulfil their vows ?  
Foot in mouth of sacred cows  
Facedown in dust and poisoned ground ...  
De l'album "Damnation and a day" 
In the beginning  
Rimmed with wind and storm  
A great black wrath of infinite math  
Spat snarling into form  
And there was Heaven  
Lit up with precious stones  
Each one could fall but for the rule  
Of Faith and love and stronger thrones  
And therein rose vast wonders  
Affections to be seen  
Fathered from the plundered  
Reflections of a dream  
Fogging into nightmare  
For him whose place was set  
With wayward stars that absent, marred  
All creation with their theft  
In the beginning  
Bewinged and ringed with dawn  
This favoured Avatar, enthralled  
Swansongs from those that thronged this shore  
With Gabriel and Michael  
He shone with fierce intent  
For loyalty, their joy to see  
Him spur the hymns to heaven (sent)  
For sculptured lips of seraphim  
Whom fate then cruelly rent  
(With sleight fingered strains of harmony)  
Each note to grim portent  
As grinning nimbus gathered  
Over spires arabesque  
For Him that blazed with holy praise  
That for a jealous God was meant  
Shining Feriluce  
Lustrous scourge of fallen spirits  
Basked in glory, flew  
To lakes in sacred altitudes  
Sweet haunting music swathed the breeze  
With curling tongues that lapped the lead  
As through thick mountain mist (with thoughts adrift)  
Until at last, past grasping trees  
He paused to draught forbidden streams  
That whispered siren promises  
To drown his thirst (for sports amiss)  
These waters held secrets  
Like raped Russian dolls  
Wherein evil and good  
Tore his soul for control  
And drunk with the verse of desire's first words  
The weight of the universe  
Slunk in rehearsed  
Horror in numbers too great to discern  
The rotting of worlds to the conqueror worm  
And love a rare orchid so fragile in bloom  
Espied gasping breath under dark sheeted moons  
Shining Feriluce  
Reflected in jaded mirror  
Climbing from the noose  
Of time in divine servitude  
And thus a strange new melody  
Of will and wanton fantasies  
Whetted by the veiled, seen  
Danced from his ashen lips  
In red dawn scores, the silver scream  
Of truth and her deleted scenes  
Was taken up as far, it seemed  
As God his words eclipsed  
(Those waters hid visions  
Like butchers in war  
Perverting the course  
Of life's blood evermore...)  
In the beginning  
Skinned well with gibbous tones  
Of countenance and ignorance  
In equal measures sewn  
A marbled arc of Angels  
Sworn to the morningstar  
Shared His pride and deep inside  
Felt Chill Shadows sweep their cards  
Distant vistas  
Swathed in the haze  
Of the reddening sunset  
Fell to whispers  
'Neath stars that marred descending skies  
From the cusp of midnight mountains  
Wending as a mist  
Rebels truced with Feriluce  
(In truth, few could resist)  
Came praising his hellraising through  
The sparse and marble clime  
Where Virtue bathed, their ravings made  
Her fountains flood with wine  
Lifted with the gift  
Of their dark seductive songs  
She drifted from the path  
She was surely set upon  
Courting chaos  
Prized in sight  
Of the covering angel  
Taught in ways of  
Smothering another lover  
Other than God  
Worshipped in each other's arms  
Like spider eidolons  
The moon conducted like a charm  
Those strange attachments on  
And this is how they came to be  
Dragged before the throne  
Through tongues that hung whilst theirs were run  
On soft white throats and punctured moans  
Though fated now than later  
By his tutor that had been  
He baited the Creator  
With the future he had seen  
Of Michael, psyched with jealousies  
A reich right by His side  
And worming Man about to be  
The apple of His eye  
His children lost to free will  
And the cost of beaten hearts  
Like the night 'twixt vice and Virtue  
When Her kiss became a scar  
Seraph enemies  
Why has my lord forsaken my judgment  
Am I not free as He to indulge my darkest fantasies?  
From embittered lips  
These words were slaved  
Split with the whips  
Of their witch hunt gathered  
He sought Her grave  
Midst drowning crowds that howled in rage...  
Though she was gone  
Not lyriced to the song of their spirited throng  
But ghosted back where she belong...  
A grace embracing Michael  
In a lace of tears that bleared his pride  
He swallowed  
Blood followed  
Though with spit for all things divine  
Though with spit for all things so fucking blind  
His seal He tore  
And to the floor  
He threw this tie to heaven  
Signifying holy war  
And watchful of this sign  
A thousand flames, unauthorised  
Left celestial posts  
To coalesce and, unified  
Return their fallen leader  
As he turned one final time  
And threw a glance  
Like a downward lance  
That stung like guilt in every mind  
As pride precedes the downfall  
So he took His place before the firewall  
Of dissonant choirs whose faith in one  
Was embraced in this wraith whose fate was hung  
Between forgiveness and the damage done  
An electric scent over drear decay  
Lent a violent surge to their serenades  
Through white glades as His winged parade  
Bent to silhouette and to sharpen dull razors  
Within vast skies unversed in starkness  
His might grew  
And blew light hues to grey...  
And worse, a third of stars to darkness  
Then thunder seethed  
And wreathed in thickening night  
A line was drawn midst wrong and right  
And across the throat of thieves  
As love fell choked, the tempest broke  
From Heaven's farthest shore  
Descending to eclipse all hope  
Repentance might stay holy war  
He would not heel nor fake a bow  
Murmur curses to the wind  
Enraged, he raved in balrog howls  
Upon a storm firstborn of sin  
Incensed anew, rebellious tore  
Like frenzied beasts of prey  
Through temple doors...  
Thrown east before the midnight masses  
And where once bliss reigned so serene  
In sweeter glades  
Now veins ran openly...  
Like eyes that shed from kindred ashes  
When suddenly  
There shone a hideous light  
And a voice like three insanities  
Soared up in thistled speech  
"Thou hast bred hate where there dwelt none  
And for this grave mistake  
How thou art fallen Morning Sun  
The proud will be abased"  
He would not heel nor fake a bow  
Murmur curses to the wind  
And lo, the wrath of god swept down...  
"Thou art no more an angel filled  
With light, but a leech to be abhorred  
And thou shalt suffer My burning will"...  
Quoth this raven: "Nevermore"  
And with these words like heavy stone  
Cast against that gilded throne  
With many legions still in tow  
He turned his wings to flee  
His eyes a picture of distaste  
Drawn to tears and in their place  
The dawn of time and fates to face  
Through all eternity...  
I wept for him a deep red river  
That ran like blood through scarred ravines  
To sluice away the guilt that slithered  
Like a serpent tongue to Eve  
For once as I, in heaven climbed  
Too high for truth to truly see  
My sunken mind, drunken and blind  
Saw the lie: The fool was Me...  
Alone and cold, face to the crack  
Beyond the dark gates with no way back  
His crown of gold faded to black  
Like a bruise upon the heart that lingers  
With thrill-kill culture shock wave lengths  
Of rope to hang high  
Ten commandments by...  
Snaked about his upraised fingers  
"And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the Dragon, and the Dragon fought and his angels, and prevailed not. Neither was their place found anymore in Heaven. And the Great Dragon was cast out, that old serpent called the devil and Satan which deceiveth the whole world, he was cast out into the Earth and his angels were cast out with him."  
[Revelations 12:7-9]  
Heart in hand passed clasp of pain  
In dark lowland that set bad blood in veins  
Burning, like penal fires roused to strain  
The jagged-toothed skyline braced with crosses  
The golden dawn  
Lay lost to mist where  
Emboldened thorns  
Made their bed with toppled stones  
He closed His eyes  
Sunken to dream there  
Of crow-black skies  
And a great white empty throne  
Horror stalked the bilious fogs  
That balked his visions  
He licked the spittle from the cheeks of the wry  
And drifted back to when His stung its target  
The sneer of Michael on a glorious high  
Of angel dust and Virtue by his side  
Drowning in the past  
That downfall seemed like yesterday  
Though blurred moons passed  
As enemies in high places laughed  
Moved to mirrors cracked with heavy lines  
He rose snowblind, through shifting sands of time  
Erased the trace and taste of bitter wines  
The grapes of wrath grew fat on the vine  
She came to Him  
A little whip of tantrums  
Thrashed on velvet skins  
That lines Her wishbone Henge  
Her name was Sin  
A warming spurt of mantras  
Splashed on occult tongues  
That whispered sweet revenge  
For the shame of their crawl from grace  
Cold and hollow as the grave  
And for a rape and ruinous scourge  
Spared for souls that shared God's worship  
For now their throats coated notes with dirge  
That poured from parapets to the pits below  
Drowning in the past  
A wretched scream like yesterday  
Died at last  
With the rising of the revenant dark  
All sharpened claws and blunt discharge  
"I shall bow no more to the dogs of the Lord  
Tearing at my carcass heart  
I shall fall to my knees only at the keyholes  
Of Virtue slipping into bondage masks...  
Freewill made me better to reign in hell"  
And with new wings  
Unfurled and spoken  
He took to things  
That would desecrate the world  
The seduction of both woman and man  
For a bastard masterplan  
Drowning out the past  
Fool Fates unwound cruel yesterdays  
beneath the stars  
That staggered from the blast  
[Part 1]  
So adept was unspoken Man  
At dusting ledgers of the seraphim  
That Lilith swept across the broken land  
In a whirl of lust to pleasure him  
This bland Adam, a reaper of the sun  
In bone dry season, for Eve was busy sucking thumbs  
Pricked in rosy gardens as he spattered into shells  
And ran with morning fauna; His mastiffs and gazelle  
Breathless as the wind  
Adam, prowled, fell foul to Sin  
But not before She spread Her grin  
Across His silent lips  
At crack of day, though what was shame?  
The raptor's nest wherein they lay  
Bore witness to Her soft parade  
Of fingers come to grips  
His undivine attention won  
She deftly spun  
From 'neath His thrusts to writhe above  
In ecstasy  
Pendulous She swung  
As if her limbs imbibed His tongue  
To spill, as with His rod  
The secret name of God  
But no seed passed those fruitful lips  
For fearing Her who grasped, He slit  
Her throat from ear to where She fled  
With tail and blood between Her legsss...  
[Part II]  
So very kept was the virgin hand  
That brushed the treasures of Utopia  
And how the greed swept across the desert sands  
In late August just to measure Her  
This hallowed Eve, a creature of the moon  
A simple dish born with a silver spoon  
Giddy sniffing orchids that opened after dusk  
Incubus and Prudence, two such swoon to touch Her  
Restless as the skies  
Temptation, bloomed, found room to rise  
And snatching breaths between Her thighs  
He crawled to Eve...  
At dead of night, the sticky clime  
Smelt perfect to this serpentine  
This shining Angel  
Palled in mysteries...  
Her undivine attention won  
He deftly spun  
A web of for the one  
Great sacred tree  
Bejewelled and lit  
As if a thousand shades did flit  
About boughs of forbidden lore  
Hidden for the want of more  
And when seeds passed those fruitful lips  
And Mankind basked in vast eclipse  
A Devil shot of thin disguise  
Surmised to better paradise  
Burning flesh,  
Dripping sweat,  
Using them all,  
like the paralyzing snake,  
Charmed and enchanted by the babylon whore.  
Lurking in the shade  
Of dark and fragrant trees  
Shirking from the rage  
That tore the heavens free  
A vagrant Angel  
His with span to see  
The garden swell with terrors  
To banish man and Eve  
Another fall from grace  
Whiplashed from the gates  
Half-naked and insane  
Full-blooded, breasted  
Nerve ends tested  
To behests of pain  
A sombre lot to gain  
A storm slid in  
Borne by carnal winds  
The upper ether thinned  
And therein sat abominations  
Satan seated there  
Savouring the reek of desolation  
Their dank despair  
Moved His speech to leech the air  
"Behold the golden door  
To paradise is lost  
So praise Me as you raised your Lord  
And I shall thaw this gnawing frost"  
Another fall from grace  
Whiplashed from the gates  
Half-naked and insane  
And destined for a spiteful Fate  
Wherein evil sought the shamed  
As pawns in greater stakes  
Across this cosmic game  
To win the hand  
Of darkness and  
Set Her in her rightful place  
"Cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow thou shalt eat of it all the days of thy life; Thorns also and thistles shall bring it forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field; In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it was thou taken: for dust thou art and unto dust shalt thou return."  
[Genesis 3:17-19]  
At the throat of the human race  
With claws engorged and poised to rake  
With that the pact was sealed  
And as creation reeled  
Bewitched oration filled  
The hearts of all  
Who came to crawl  
Upon these earthen fields  
A sombre lot to till  
A wracked black acid song  
Spat from the massive throng  
Of Seraph knelt along  
The deep red welt to domination  
The deep red welt to domination  
Reigning at the feast of Phantasia  
Heightened pleasures were endeavoured to bow  
Before My coronation and vocal aspirations  
To rule this fool creation fallen 'neath me now  
I knew deep eyes  
Of a distant Christ  
Were scarred from afar under starry lustre  
Sighting my recitals on the rites of vice  
Perverting Virtue  
Enslaving grace  
Behind the glittering mask of pride  
Saving face finding thorns to pierce His side  
Desire, the fire  
Spread hell throughout my soul  
And higher the wire  
The more I sought control  
Straining from the leash in exultation  
Head to the wind to breathe with ravenous lungs  
The global scent of fornication  
A writhe of many vipers deciphering tongues  
I whispered schemes to dreamers then  
To pursue an Eden  
That screamed of me supreme again  
As my world bloomed  
So too the moon  
Through Adam to Seth, Enos, Cainan  
Mahalaleel and Jared blew  
Perverting virtue  
Enslaving grace  
Behind the slippery guise of lies  
Saving face making waves to drown their faith  
Messiahs, Pariahs  
Aeons reversed the two  
This higher, their spires  
The more cursed grew their roots  
And suffering...  
I swept cruel seas  
On the galley of the shadow of death  
A fist in the cunt of the spread horizon  
A kiss for the sun risen red once dines on  
The coast of Menses  
Discharged from celestial wombs  
A first degree murder of ravens  
Followed in fugue through the crack of doom  
The Goat of Mendes  
I set regime  
In the galley of the shadow of death...  
Angels in raiments  
As pure as coal  
Taking their payments  
In tortured mortal souls  
A bold direction  
The abyss edge  
But on cold reflection  
One they warmed to nonetheless  
As they preyed the paths of the righteous  
Through the myth of thistled orchard floors  
Bearing gifts of plenitude, for  
The apples of the Lord were rotten to the core  
Temptation, my ambassador  
Attila, Hesiod, Pharisees and Nero  
All begged of Me for more  
Down dark steps of history  
I waged war with a heaven  
I could not see...  
Beyond my wildest fantasies  
Throwing sixes over deadly sin  
I traded whose who played to win  
Skin for precious kin...  
And that that wormed within  
Staining the reams of revelation  
Etching ever-afters in accursed verse  
The limpid rags of resurrection  
From papal parapets were to dirt dispersed  
Desire, the flyers  
Spread hell throughout their souls  
And higher the fire  
The more I held control  
To and fro, through freeze and thaws  
From zenith to nadir  
The universal tug of war  
Saw lines drawn in the sands appear  
Divisions of a promised land  
And Hell for those that dwelt  
Beneath a Pharaoh's granite hand  
Where death wed something else  
Millennia swam passed  
Since the covened Ark  
Ran aground on Ararat...  
But anew, tempered shadows grew  
Out of Midian, strewing fear  
Over verdant lawns, the resurgent storms  
Led a desert son to sear  
From the palace orchard I espied...  
(Where swooning trees and moonless beams vied  
For the painted eye of the royal bride  
Whose gliding curves were deified)  
...beyond Her grace where love would die  
Wretched destiny arrive  
Back and forth the prophet came  
Riddled with a tongue of plagues  
That would render might Egypt lame  
If the rage of God stayed unassuaged...  
I listened with a heavy heart  
But unveiled to the threats  
This Hebrew in a jackal's mask  
Would dredge into effect  
Thenceforth the Nile reddened  
s if Set stretched His hand  
To beset the damned  
And bruised with flies  
The skies grew leadened  
But these miracles, feared  
Were all but reared  
By nature, whose law alone  
Stood that revered  
This hysteria passed, but still the mark  
Of Yahveh burned on in the dark  
One final time, on the steps to the shrine  
Of Thoth, I twined with fate  
"Let my people go"  
"Still my word is no"  
"Then Death shall be the deciding plague"  
Since the crimes divine I left behind  
I'd warred with every tribe that plied  
In holy vestament, but with time  
Bored sore of clawing what was mine  
I laid my bones and made my throne  
With a view to paradise  
Thenceforth the heavens deafened  
As if great beasts  
Were unleashed to feast on man  
And with carrion span  
Michael was weaponed  
To descend with scorn  
A dark reform  
Through Pi-Ramses  
Skinning mine and Her firstborn  
Thus suspiria passed each sacred mark  
Of Yahveh, bleeding in the dark  
With nauseous dawn, a cry, forlorn  
Unified from plazas deep  
The prophet's curse  
Far worse had worked  
To wrest the war in me from sleep  
Drowned in light, a downward light  
Bathed the snaking exodus  
Through the wilderness  
As the Aeons crept  
Impressed with fresh bloodlust  
I bled on a pivotal stretch  
Like a clockwork Christ  
Bears sore stigmata, bored  
And as I threw Job, I drove  
Myself to a martyred wretch  
To see if I drew pity  
Or pretty litanies from the Lord  
So the plot sickened  
With the coming of days  
Ill millennia thickened  
With the claret I sprayed  
And though they saw red  
I left a dirty white stain  
A splintered know in the grain  
On Eden's marital aid  
So glad for the madness  
I walked the walls naked to the moon  
In Sodom and Babylon  
And through rich whores and corridors  
Of the Vatican  
I led a sordid Borgia on  
I read the Urilia text  
So that mortals wormed  
As livebait for the dead  
And as I broke hope, I choked  
Another pope with manna peel  
Dictating to DeSade  
In the dark entrails of the Bastille  
And as he wrote, I smote  
A royal blow to the heads of France  
And in the sheen of guillotines  
I saw others, fallen, dance  
I was an incurable  
Necromantic old fool  
A phagadaena that crawled  
Drooling over the past  
A rabid wolf in shawl  
A razor's edge to the rule  
That the stars overall  
Were never destined to last  
So glad for the madness  
I furnaced dreams, a poet, for of sleep  
Turning sermons with the smell  
On Witchfinder fingers  
Where bad memories lingered  
Burning, as when Dante  
Was freed to map Hell  
I sired schemes and the means  
To catch sight of the seams  
And the vagaries inbetween...  
And midst the lips and the curls  
Of this cunt of a world  
In glimpses I would see  
A nymph with eyes for me  
Eyes of fire that set all life aflame  
Lights that surpassed art  
In sight, that no intense device of pain  
Could prise their secrets from my heart  
I knew not her name  
Though her kiss was the same  
Without a whisper of shame  
As either Virtue or Sin's  
And pressed to Her curve  
I felt my destiny swerve  
From damnation reserved  
To a permanent grin...  
So glad for the madness  
Led to other worlds  
By the girls she curled within  
I took their skins to see Her  
Be my mannequin  
Be my mannequin  
I cannot remember  
How it was that we first met  
Curve of moon and haunted shore  
The stars were not those Heaven sent  
Did we come together  
At masked palatial Balls  
In silks and flesh and leather  
Or did we come at all?  
I dreamt a midnight castle  
The eerie song of wolves  
And eyes that danced with fire  
As they have forever more  
Our rites of sin  
Have long fathered a hymn  
To burden Him  
Whom by slip of after whim  
At genesis  
Dressed Her like the wind  
In Autumn gowns  
That pinned Her down  
To be my mannequin  
Be my mannequin  
Always poised on winter  
But never would She break  
My lovecraft and black witch heart  
That pounded in Her wake  
We kissed on distant balconies  
A law unto Her own  
Thirteenth dark commandment  
Of figures pressed to stone  
Turning cream with fantasies  
That God alone would know  
We graced vomitorium  
With the sweet excess of Rome  
Flagrant in the past  
Our names were deeply carved On the tree of life in long dead languages  
Led to other worlds  
By the girls she curled within  
I took their skins to see Her  
Be my mannequin  
Be my mannequin  
I tongued the nuns at Louviers  
But not one word possessed  
Her divine right, an archetype  
For mortal Goddesses...  
I, I still recall, the first fullmoon of May  
'Neath whose rays we lay together  
And those bright nights on glassy waves  
When we would glide lightly away  
From the grain  
For wicked flights of pleasure  
Those visions fade  
Like ghosts to life's parade  
Though incisions once made her so vivid  
A scarlet whore  
With both heels in the door  
Of a heaven severed from me, insipid  
And midst the writhe of parapets  
Where angels sigh, lonely she sits  
Upon the lip  
Only a slip from whence I beg Her  
That I would wish  
Her kiss a chrysalis  
To break to make my fluttered heart amiss  
And in those frozen moments won  
From grief that creeps to wreathe the sun  
in drapes inwove with deathshead wing  
I thank God for the suffering  
Love would have conquered all  
But for the Rapture  
That ancient plan for my defeat  
Denied Faith skies that would have set Her free  
It seems again dreams wend to capture  
Once dancing in a spotlit waltz  
Through shadowed dimension  
Given to the rivers that bedizened Her eyes  
The world drifted by in lost momentum  
With no divine intervention  
Regardless that the author  
Of sin was me and I  
Lay chaste of hate in Faith's embrace  
As Mortals warred with more besides  
They warred with life itself  
And in those frozen moments won  
From grief that creeps to wreathe the sun  
In drapes inwove with deathshead wing  
I thank God for the suffering  
And I thank God for the suffering  
As still I burn  
For Her return  
I would make my peace with everything  
I, I still recall, the first fullmoon of May  
Consigned to flames like secret letters  
And midst the writhe of parapets  
Where angels sigh, lonely she sits  
Upon the lip  
Only a slip from whence I beg her  
That I would wish  
Her kiss a chrysalis  
To break to make my fluttered heart amiss  
And in those frozen moments won  
From grief that creeps to wreathe the sun  
In drapes inwove with deathshead wing  
I thank God for the suffering  
Love would have conquered all  
Were we not parted  
Her splintered loss rekindles rage  
The winter frost dwindles across my stage  
Lit up once more to score finales started  
Love would have conquered all  
Love would have conquered...  
Earth and sea cower from my screams  
As I climb into the skies  
Atop sins towered heaven high for me  
From whence I see no reason why  
I should not smite with vengeance  
And hurl thieves down from paradise  
For storms before were as nothing more  
Than a breeze next to this night  
I am Methuselah of the Tribulation  
The Moonchild come to harm  
A riot of stars shaken from their station  
The choking smoke of Jerusalem burning  
Six vices become wrath  
And though half-blind with ravening  
Like Phineus now I see  
The end declared from the beginning  
Love won through my defeat  
But now I fear I will never peer  
On Her radiance again  
I shall glimpse instead, the slurried red  
Of faces pressed to bloodstained panes  
Betrayed and played by God  
Who alone but He  
Scapegraced and goated me?  
Now I wish to piss on His parade  
Angels, clawed with burnished wings  
Still loyal, kiss the seal  
Bent on knees and harrowing  
Promise overkill  
Know that you shall die like whores  
And the cries of your writhings shall rise  
To please their Lord...  
So before the sword  
Side with me in slaughter  
I am Methuselah of the Tribulation  
The Moonchild come to harm  
The spoken horns of desolation  
Drink the pouring of my fury  
Those darkened waters spur  
The brink of war as my judge and jury  
And rapist executioner  
Our time is short, the horsemen ride  
A foul-breathed chora howls, besides  
Damnation and a day has passed  
This divine right to genocide  
Weld the gates to heaven shut  
The abyss leers in hissing ruts  
Unhilt the black grimoire of death  
Inscribe all names that God has left  
I lived the drams of nymphs and men  
But now the nightmares come again  
Now the nightmares come again...  
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